Vulgarity masqueraging as clever.
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23-07-2016, 11:50 PM
Vulgarity masqueraging as clever.
I sent an email to one of my fans (not) and he came back with this:

Me: Why don't you engage in a civil discussion instead of making such ill-considered and offensive comments? I haven't insulted you. Do you get pleasure out of insulting other people?

I boiled down his response to the key parts. When did it become, cool, or hip or whatever pseud word people like this guy use to describe themselves to use this kind of language?

Here's the language he used:
vapid ... derision and mockery. whine your ass off about people not taking your bowl movement-esk ideas

make shit up and pass it off as "evidence" or "support" of your bullshit. Now fuck off outta my inbox kid.

I won't mention who this was. I find this deplorable. It seems to me that the notion of calling me a "kid" is some kind of suggestion that he is an adult and I am just a tiny person with tiny ideas. I don't get it at all. I remember the kind of talk use by Hawkeye and Pierce on "MASH". It was witty and entertaining to see someone taken down elegantly and with intelligence. What this guy does is crude and brainless.
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23-07-2016, 11:59 PM
RE: Vulgarity masqueraging as clever.
I post about the Horus connection and about Izates because I feel that I have been misled by religionists and theologians about the entire notion of what "God" is. I don't see how it is possible for people who neither read nor wrote, to entertain and develop the idea of a metaphysical god who created everything, but is in a world no one can see. Even the Greek gods had to live at the top of Mount Olympus. You could point to it, ok it was inaccessible, but at least there was an attempt to give substance and reality to these gods as "real" and living in "this" world and not in some other world.

There are three major sky figures, the Sun, the Moon and Orion. It dominates the sky, yet it isn't talked about. We are told that God created man in the image of himself, that he is in heaven. Orion is in the heavens and is a male figure. All the Messianic myths can be associated with this star sign but we, here, just sit back and read posts about this debate over how an invisible metaphysical nothing created everything without ever questioning where the man-like god in heaven came from.
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24-07-2016, 12:16 AM
RE: Vulgarity masqueraging as clever.
You buy the boat, you get the leaks. Debating religion with a stranger online often gets a lot hotter than it does IRL. Grown a thick skin and strap your helmet tight, or get used to flaming.

I prefer courteous discussion, not debate, myself, but I can and do return invective if I feel so inclined. I'd have to read the exchange verbatim to offer a useful opinion, though.
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24-07-2016, 12:46 AM
RE: Vulgarity masqueraging as clever.
(23-07-2016 11:50 PM)Deltabravo Wrote:  ...
What this guy does is crude and brainless.

I have a policy of keeping the content of Private Messages private.

The only exceptions I have to this rule are a) if I have permission from the other person or b) on extremely rare occasions, when there is a forum protocol concern.

So, I think what you did there was a low blow. The person cannot defend themselves without revealing their identity.

Having said that, guessing games are fun.

But honestly, this one is too easy. Give us a harder one. Big Grin

Look, I've read many of your posts and almost always learn from them, enjoy the writing style and on more than one occasion I was deeply moved.

I've seen you move along your personal journey of discovery and I get why you come here: for conversation and sharing of questions and answers.

You weren't expecting The Spanish Inquisition.

Note though, that others are here for different reasons. For some it's sanctuary or catharsis or intense philosophical debate or even just witty banter (or any combination thereof).

When you joined, there was a clash with 'the debate squad' and some of your reactions to this added fuel.

I like the witty retorts and no doubt some people think I'm being cruel when I do it. If I'm merely a tenth as witty as Twain, Wilde or even Hawkeye then the consolation is that I'm only a tenth as cruel.

So sarcasm is often read as passive aggression (very often) and witticisms are often read as snide-isms.

Options, as ever, are fight, flight or freeze.

Stark wisdom: This forum isn't for everybody.

DLJ wisdom: Don't like it? Change it. But change often starts with the self (consultant rates apply).


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24-07-2016, 12:54 AM
RE: Vulgarity masqueraging as clever.
I suppose...

I am just finding it remarkable that on a free thinking atheist forum some people heap abuse on someone, me, who is simply putting forward a proposition for discussion. Why react violently?

If someone said God, in the Old Testament, was derived from an older god in some other religion and that this older god was actually a reference to an oak tree, I would be interested, amused... I wouldn't become hostile. I can judge information put on a forum. I don't need someone calling a poster an effing mowron and his posts booshite to guide me in my own thinking. I can think for myself and I assume that if I post something which, on its face seems looney but has some point to it, that people wouldn't get heated up about it to the point they are behaving like they could come round my house and shoot me. That's how angry some people seem. I have images of people peering into their computer screens with screwed up foreheads, sweat runnign down their reddened faces, cussing at me and gurlging with twisted glee at the venom they are typing about me.

I suppose there is no filter to prevent people with this kind of personality disorder from posting here. I don't mind people making fun. I would enjoy that.

I do maintain,however, that there is a serious side to this. When you have a convergence of tales, myths, legends, with historical records and archaeology which points to there being an old world civilization predating Christianity, spreading out from "Sumeria" or the Near and Middle East and the same myths and legends appear in different cultures around the world it is OK to discuss these, whether it entails entertaining the idea that our ancestors worshipped stars, phalluses, or trees. Whatever. I'd rather change the debate so that we all knew what we were dealing with than have to endlessly deal with people who throw a "god" concept at me which is completely ridiculous and for which I can find no explanation at all. It gives them the upper hand in very insidious way. They know God because They have felt His presence. Yeah sure. Why would I want to continue all my life debating religion on that level. What was God, where did He come from, why is he "everywhere", why is he a man, how did he create a real world when he is metaphysical, why did Moses speak to him at the top of a mountain, why is Jesus also one and the same as God, why is God a trinity??

I can answer that if I simply look at the God of the Old Testament as being derived from star worhip with Orion being Horus/Appollo. I don't need to go any further. That leave my mind free and I don't torture myself having to find comebacks to people who preach about an invisible metaphysical god, force, being...whatever the h they feel like saying he is so that I can't deny he exists.

I'd rather He did exist, that we can all see him, up there, shining in the sky, with his Belt, yeah sure, and his bow and his dog following, him, coming around at Christmas to drive away darkenss and sprinkle us with his magic wand through the winter, fertilizing the ground and irrigating crops, yadayadayada. I like that, it makes sense, and is deniable. Why take the Judao-Christian-Muslim God any more seriously than that and allow oneself to be dragged into mindnumbingly stupid debates. I also prefer to see Jesus as a later historical figure evidenced by Jewish writings. It makes more sense. The work is largely fictional, so maybe the dates in it, Pontius Pilate, are made up. It's an easy answer. It changes nothing but it puts the story to bed, for me... If other want to twist themselves into pretzels thinking about the NT in the conventional way, go ahead. Debate it in the normal way, accept that we have to look for a monk wandering around in his spare time from his carpentry biz followed by some fellow hippy types at a time when there is no evidence of this at all, and then say it's all a myth.
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24-07-2016, 01:03 AM (This post was last modified: 24-07-2016 11:02 AM by Thumpalumpacus.)
RE: Vulgarity masqueraging as clever.
Wait, I didn't think this thread was about your god-beliefs and you posting a massive WoT about that shit -- I thought it was you complaining about invective on the Internet.
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24-07-2016, 03:54 PM
RE: Vulgarity masqueraging as clever.
I swear it wasn't me this time. .... Wait, it might've been me.

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24-07-2016, 04:39 PM
RE: Vulgarity masqueraging as clever.
Hawkeye = Pierce

I've just recently grown rudimentary legs and made the move from water to land.
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24-07-2016, 04:53 PM
RE: Vulgarity masqueraging as clever.
Yeah, Benjamin Frankliin "Hawkeye" Pierce. And then there was Hotlips and Colonel Harry Potter.
and Trapper John. I had to look that up on Google.

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24-07-2016, 05:03 PM
RE: Vulgarity masqueraging as clever.
at typical day on an internet forum

Lets talk about god, not big G god but little g god, who we all talk about so he must exist.

You effing arse, go away.

No, come on, lets talk about it and make us some rules.

No, fuck off.

Ok, so lets start. He's big, scary and he has big hair.

You fucking revisionist, we've had your sort here before, and we ran them off.

Ok, so anybody know about the Illumiati, David Duke and Yetis? How about Paul. He proves Jesus was a myth.

Fuck you, you can't even spell Illuminati, you cunt.

Oh, sorry, I can but I have dyslexia. My dad was cross eyed.

Fuck you just because he was doesn't mean you can play that card, you moron. You were on that other forum, and got kicked off, now fuck off outa here, boy.

But this isn't fair, why is eveyone so nasty?

Cuz you are a cunt.

Now, come on, we should all be friends and talk about Hitler in Argentina.

You are an ass, insert Youtube link to donkey vid, Hole, insert video link to picture of black hole. You lying revisionist, asshole, no good for nothing prick, get outa here. And take Donald Trump with you. much lafter.(sp)

But what about Paul? Was he really Apolonius, and why did he change his name, from Nooky?

Oh, fuck off. Learn to spell. Moron.
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