WTC - not really news
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22-07-2012, 08:39 AM
WTC - not really news
If you are easily annoyed by the topic of 9/11 or simply sick of it, don't continue to read from here, thanks.

Ok I just clicked around on youtube, listening to 911 calls (don't ask).
Anyway, I came across a most disturbing call, which reminded me how huge 9/11 actually was.
People died while trying to reach 911 or their families. They didn't know what was going on. It was burning, smoke everywhere, they tried to get help, and then the whole building freaking crashed on them - crushed them...

During that one call, and especially in the end, I felt like crying. I am going to put the video, and several more on, but I would like to warn you.
Do not watch or listen to this if you think it will have a bad impact on your well being, because it can.

I just don't want things like that being forgotten or scaled down to "ah well, two buildings fell and some people died. Happening all the time"
Yes people die every day, people that we don't know of, but this was an act of pure hate, by terrorist (no, I am not going to discuss conspiracies here!!). It was a huge tradegy and we as people must learn from them... Do we? Not a lot, hate makes people miserable, it hurts, it burns, it only does damage.

So again, this is simply for showing those "don't care"-people, that there where real people, individuals, with stories, with families, and within a short time, they where gone. Crushed, most of them never found because they where literally pulverised...

This has a second part, which I am not posting. If you want, you can just click it yourself.

There are more, but I think it is really enough.

Thanks for not forgetting things like this.

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22-07-2012, 09:40 AM
RE: WTC - not really news
Still makes me cry to see this.......

I also feel sad for all the other innocent people who have been killed and still continue to get murdered to this day by the hundreds of drone strikes that have occured since this event happened.

Lets not forget them either, they are just as much a victim from this as the people in the trade centers.

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22-07-2012, 12:41 PM
RE: WTC - not really news
I won't lie, the first one nearly made me throw up. I remember when it happened, I was a junior in high school. We nearly rioted because the Principal told the teachers to keep us from watching, because apparently our mundane routine was more important than something that IS my generation's Pearl Harbor and Vietnam. I eventually got to a class near the end of the day that had a cognitive, non-hive minded teacher who closed the door, turned on the TV with the volume low and turned so passers-by wouldn't see, and let us watch while we did our work.
The second video wasn't as jarring, if only because you don't hear what happens, even though you know. And the third...I just couldn't even push play by that point. It's still as painful to watch 11 years later as it was the day it happened.
I remember being afraid for my uncle, who travels a lot. I was sincerely thankful that he was at home and that his colleagues on the East coast were alright, too. Sadly, I had classmates who weren't so fortunate, a couple of them had friends and family that were there that day.

Honestly, seeing the footage still seems surreal, like it's just a scene from Die Hard or something, even though I know it's real and it happened.

Thank you for posting this, despite it's gruesome and disturbing reality. Especially when there are kids out there who have only ever heard about it, it's really just history to them, not reality. They only now deal with the decisions made because of this tragedy.

Think about it, these teens and kids today have never been able to stand at the gate with their family members and see them off because of today's security measures. They can't stand at the window and watch your plane take off, I remember doing that so many times with family members growing up.

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23-07-2012, 03:21 AM
RE: WTC - not really news
didn't make me cry or sick, but I felt pretty sad at some point and I think this is supposed to happen. No forgetting, learning from it, not getting dumbed down because stuff happens a lot...
It really got me thinking.

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25-07-2012, 09:14 AM
RE: WTC - not really news
here is audio from towers, airplanes, military etc. Shows a lot of what was actually going on besides the obvious. What they where doing to stop everything etc...
The audio is a bit hard to understand at times, so I link the transcription from the video description as well.

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25-07-2012, 07:34 PM
RE: WTC - not really news
My only consolation from 9/11 is that those 19 maniacs did not wake up in paradise.

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