WTF Happened to the "Feminism" Movement?
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04-03-2016, 02:29 PM
RE: WTF Happened to the "Feminism" Movement?
(01-03-2016 10:49 PM)Momsurroundedbyboys Wrote:  Going back to the very first post that began the thread. Dark Light very clearly called out the extreme feminist that is gaining traction in our society. Their often poisonous message that distorts feminism into meaning feminine superiority.

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06-03-2016, 12:29 PM
RE: WTF Happened to the "Feminism" Movement?
O boy look what we got here, a feminism thread. Now I know you guys wanted this to die, but this thread ain't aloud to die until I say something about it. Who better to talk about something cancerous than cancer himself, me. Now I know many of you wished I would crawl back into the hell hole I spawned from, but I am here to disappoint. Now let me say a disclaimer, this is not about feminism as a whole. Feminism is just one of the many egalitarian movements, here to help women in need. But how it is handle today is cancer. So much CANCER!! Now I am not going to be a dick and just call 3rd wave feminism in the west cancer with out refuting it. You want to add insult to injury, not just insult and run. Now there are many points feminism today makes and most if not all of it is wrong, and I am here to refute all of it.

TRIGGER WARNING:FACTS BELOW(joke I know some people can't handle 'em so I am going to make sure you know this is a joke)


This is to 3rd wave feminism as Jesus is to Christianity. No matter how many times you prove it is not real they still pedal it as real. Now here is the basic break down of the pay gap. Apparently the legend goes women get paid less then men and only make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns.

Now that is wrong, dead wrong. Here is the facts. The gender pay gap is when the take the averages earnings of females, and all the earnings of males and add them together. This is where it comes from. Not women getting paid less, but women taking jobs that pay less. Women tend to be nurses and school teachers, men tend to be trash collectors and coal miners.

Earn gap would be a more accurate thing of calling it. But there is a problem. Women who are 20-30 make more than men at the same age range. Like it or not that is the break down.


1 in 5 Rape statistic

How can anyone believe this one!? The title and claim alone is retarded. Let me break it down.

The 1 in 5 rape statistics are the claim that 1 out of 5 women on campus will be raped. And I say 何? Now I have been to camden before, and let me tell you something, it is dangerous there. Now are these people telling me it is just as dangerous for women on campus, as it is in camden? If so, quit lying. If not, you are a intelligent person. And that statement wasn't to even at feminist, it was at anyone who believes this statistic, feminist or not. Now here are the facts. the number is closer to 1 in 40 for women. Don't get me wrong, rape is bad period, even if the number is 1 in 1,000,000 it is still bad. But to put college rape similar or even worst then places like the hood or a 3rd world country is wrong.

Speaking of rape


This one is thrown around a lot, I mean it is like one of the most important things for modern feminism. Now here is how rape culture is defined:

"Rape Culture is an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture."

Now that we defined it let me be the 1,000,000 to say WE DON'T LIVE IN A FUCKING RAPE CULTURE!! No body promotes rape. No one says consent is bad. If anything we live in a culture were rape is the worst type of crime. And no drunk sex with consent is not rape, regretting the sex the next day is not rape. A MAN LOOKING AT YOUR BREAST IS NOT RAPE! Sorry I just hate stupid, so much. Now let me be fair let me try to see what the source I posted say rape culture is.

Blaming the victim (“She asked for it!”)

No one does this, and those that do are so small the only way for it to be a cultural thing is to kill everyone else but them

Trivializing sexual assault (“Boys will be boys!”)

Now I know where this comes from. Now yes some men are going to natural lean towards being to sexual aggressive. Now the problem is not so much the boys will be boys, but the idea of saying that something natural occurs you are justifying it. Now I will say men tend to be more sexual aggressive, I know I am. But it is how it is handled. Some men go to far and rape or sexual harass someone. Now just because some men do go that far, doesn't mean I am justifying it, I still think it is bad. Feel me

Sexually explicit jokes

Get out. No sexually explicit jokes don't promote rape, they are jokes. Jesus.

Tolerance of sexual harassment

Next to no one tolerates sexual harassment, of women. And that is a great thing. Men on the other hand, I will get on that later.

Inflating false rape report statistics

So?? Ohhh I get it let us just ignore it. I mean why just have to believe the rape victim always. Fuck due process, fucking trying to stay in the middle.

Publicly scrutinizing a victim’s dress, mental state, motives, and history

Depends on what you mean by scrutinizing. Now if you mean dismissing a rape claim because of these things, sure. But if you mean cops asking things like"what were you wearing"and "where were you last night" that is so they can have an idea the of situation. I mean that is how law works, it is to make sure they can make it so it can get away from the he said she said narrative. It is painful, I understand, but it is to make sure that we can find the correct narrative.

Gratuitous gendered violence in movies and television

You mean like how we watch millions of men die. I mean in reality most T.V deaths are men. Now is sexually assault and rape used in movies? Sure, but they are to push a narrative and are never promoted as good.

Defining “manhood” as dominant and sexually aggressive
Defining “womanhood” as submissive and sexually passive

I am going to call manhood masculinity and womanhood femininity in this context. And in many ways people who say that are right. Masculine people tend to take charge and lead, while feminine people tend to be submissive.

I am going to go on a tangent and say that I believe not just men should be masculine, but women to. Masculinity is what helped us build the society we have today, all the discoverers. And it was not just men embracing this masculinity but woman too. Like joan of arc, that was a woman who took charge, was competitive, was aggressive. She was a woman but she was also masculine. I believe that men and women should take charge, be competition, and get rough. Now if you don't want to do that, okay, I won't stop you. But I am just saying.

Also that is not rape culture by the way.

Pressure on men to “score”

Humans are sexual animals, and in most animals men try to "score". That is just the game of evolution, if you don't like it take it up with nature.

Pressure on women to not appear “cold”

This I can agree on. You shouldn't tell people to be cold or not. But that isn't rape culture. I mean if a girl says she wants a boyfriend and she is cold, she is going to have to turn it down a bit.

Assuming only promiscuous women get raped

This has a point. non promiscuous women do get raped. How it equals rape culture, I can't see it.

Assuming that men don’t get raped or that only “weak” men get raped

This also has a point. But the reason behind it I will address later.

Refusing to take rape accusations seriously

Now I am going to say that some times people don't take them seriously. But they make up so little it is not even funny. In fact the term "exception to the rule, comes to mind". So if anything people who don't take it seriously is more like 1 in 5,000,000. Now if you assume people investigating both sides and debating it is not taking it seriously, then I guess no one takes murder and theft seriously as well. But that is not the case. Sorry mate.

Teaching women to avoid getting raped instead of teaching men not to rape

I will address this later on. Now on to the next topic, the nightmare of campuses every where, the man. Those walking dildos that we let enter our safe spaces.


I laugh every time I see this, I really do. Male privilege. I would like to see a law where males have an advantage of females. I know what is called, it is called non existent. Now what about society, that thing people hate but can never escape. Alright let me list some male privileges from everyday feminism. If you never seen this website before, I am sorry for exposing you to it.

1. I Have the Privilege of a Short Morning Routine

I have no idea whether to laugh or cry. Really this is male privilege. Ladies if you think this is a mans privilege, you are wrong. Now I know a man wrote this, but still. You can wake up and not give a shit about how other people think about your looks. My mom does it, my sister does it. We all do it. This isn't male privilege. and the points he make only makes it seem more petty. Like these:

To my obnoxious alarm, I lithely woke up, as the weight of an entire culture – male-dominated, market-driven – does not rest on my physical attractiveness.

Not women either. You know how many women would be consider unattractive and still rock it at work. Why? Because they don't give a fuck. Not givin' a fuck throws this out the window.

Because I can, for the most part, evade advertising that preys on and nurtures insecurities, I can sleep in and enjoy more time in the morning.

So do many women. Not all women spend their mornings doing make up. Just saying.

I can roll out of bed, leave the house with my short hair still wet, and arrive to work at 8am, makeupless, shoving my shirt into my pants – without any repercussions.

If you are going to work at 8am then you have plenty of time if you wake up at 6. Also men are judged on their looks. To ignore that would be ignorant.

Even the morning routines of some of business’ most powerful women, according to Forbes, include cooking breakfast for the family. (I wonder how many of 355 men on the Forbes 400 Richest Americans list integrate into their morning routine a round of eggs for the family.)

That is their choice. My mom doesn't make me breakfast in the morning when she has work. We got a bowl of cereal and toast. So those women choose to do that. And about the men, some maybe do, but then again nobody gives a shit because it is their choice like how it is a woman's choice. Seriously to solve this "privilage" is to not give a fuck. Also to add this demises men who do things like shave in the morning. Huh, fancy that.

I Have the Privilege of a Gender That Confers Authority

No not really. Most of your studies use fictional characters supposed to be real, and is also these studies tend to be from people with the conclusion before the evidence, you know like creationist.

They might have learned it at an early age when assertive girls were smacked down with labels like “bossy” – a reality that recently spurred the Ban Bossy campaign.

You can have the alternative that men get, getting knocked the fuck out. To add your study is wrong as females are promoted to become more authoritative, just sayin. Really though this isn't a privilege unless you want it to be, any body who tries to act bossy male or female will get it. Granted men will be beaten, but still.

3. I Have the Privilege of Easy Bathroom Access – Even When There Are No Bathrooms

Do I really have to address this one? This one just screams 1st world problem.

4. I Have the Privilege to Show Skin

Another 1st world problem. Look men can't show skin all the time. If I go somewhere with my shirt off most people will tell me to put it on. Is this really the best you can come up with? I hope not.

5. I Have the Privilege to Move About Without Fear of Harassment, Assault, or Rape

Well I wonder why women fear it? I think it my be feminism. And FYI men are more likely to be assaulted than women. Not to say that assault against women isn't bad but men are more likely to be attacked. Men and rape is a very different beast. Male rape is under research because nobody gives a fuck about male rape victims past MRAs and a few other people. In fact most countries define rape in a way that men can't be raped by a woman. In fact when you add made to penetrate to the definition of rape then men are raped just as often as women. If we add things like this as privilege, then females have a privilege of being taken more seriously when they say the are raped. I am getting ahead of my self, I will address more female privileges later. But in short this is only a privilege for men if you haven't read up on the subject.

6. I Have the Privilege to Enjoy the Internet Without My Gender Being Assaulted

Seriously? This is the fucking internet, the place where everyone will get shit for who they are. White, black, male, female, heterosexual, homosexual. Now internet harassment is bad, but it is the internet. O I guess you want to censor people. This is another Issue I will address. Now some will say that words like pussy and bitch are gender based insults. Well so is dick and taint, so in many ways get over it. To end cyber bullying block the person and close your computer. That simple. No need for feminism, just common sense.

7. I Have the Privilege of Seeing Myself Widely and Positively Represented in the Media

Laugh out load Really though? Men a shown positively. What about homer and peter griffin, both in which are the stupid dad image. The fact that many men are usually the bad guy, or the fact that men are usually the most people to die in media. There are plenty of strong female characters out there, you just have to watch. Also there is a saying "Be the change you want to see in the world". In short, if you want a show with a strong female lead, make one, just make a good one.

Now remember guys this is supposed to be male "privilege". Now let me show you female privilege:

(never mind the source I found had 97 fuck me making a wall of text for that)

But there is the point. Females have it better legally and socially in the west. And that is a problem for 3rd wave feminism. This is the narrative, men have to be more privileged other wise it gives the movement less merit. It shows that the movement is about solving first world problems, and even when they address an actual issue it is buried within' an agenda. To be fair, everyone has an agenda, but what that agenda entails is the issue, and 3rd wave feminism has next to nothing good.

Let me give you one example


I am what you would call a masculine male, like a large majority of men. The rough, competitive, violent, very sexual men. Now how is toxic masculinity defined. This comes from the website Geek feminism:

"Toxic masculinity is one of the ways in which Patriarchy is harmful to men. It refers to the socially-constructed attitudes that describe the masculine gender role as violent, unemotional, sexually aggressive, and so forth."

Ohh socially-sconstructed, save us from our animals ways. Not that masculinity is not socially constructed, but biology plays a major role in it. Now there are many problems with this definition. For one it tries to make it look as if masculinity is bad. It really isn't. Now here is what masculinity is usually associated with as said by wikipedia:

"Masculine traits include courage, independence and assertiveness. These traits vary by location and context, and are influenced by social and cultural factors. An overemphasis on masculinity and power, often associated with a disregard for consequences and responsibility, is known as machismo."

Now many of the things like assertiveness for example, usually have what you consider toxic masculinity in them. When a women demonstrates her defending her sexual partner from others, that is a form of assertiveness, aka sexual aggression. This is just a byproduct of masculinity. Now can someones masculinity go out of hand, sure, but that shouldn't there for make the whole thing in need of a re write. Now lets address the examples of toxic masculinity they sight:

The pervasive idea of male-female interactions as competition, not cooperation.

Well life is about competition, most if not all the time. Hell even when cooperating humans will compete. There is nothing wrong with being competitive, as it is what drives humans forward. Trying to show you are the best by giving it your best. There is nothing wrong with it and it is not toxic. And as for male-female interactions seen as pervasive I would say not really. Maybe when you are a kid but that leaves kids minds right as they get older, some sooner.

The pervasive idea that men cannot truly understand women, and vice versa--and following, that no true companionship can be had between different sexes.

Besides the claim this is toxic masculinity, I can agree.

The expectation that Real Men are strong, and that showing emotion is incompatible with being strong. Anger is either framed as the exception to the rule, or as not an emotion.

Well it is not men showing emotion that is the problem, it is when. Men usually cry when they lose a loved one or everything they worked for. When a man cries, for example, he has lost a game, he is then attacked for it. Also no one claimed anger as exception to the rule. To add men also show happiness a lot. Being masculine is not about showing emotion being bad, but when and how you show it.

Relatedly, the idea that a Real Man cannot be a victim of abuse, or that talking about it is shameful.

Remember the claim earlier in the rape culture section where they mentioned the rape of men. This was what I meant by what they are meaning when they say it. In turn masculinity does not say that men can't be the victim of abuse. Which is the problem with the claim. This claim about male rape is made in the interest of making men(or at least they attribute associated with most of them) is the reason they face this problem. It is a sad thing to do in reality.

Men are just like that: the expectation that Real Men are keenly interested in sex, want to have sex, and are ready to have sex most if not all times

You are only right on the ready to have sex most time bit. NEWS FLASH, humans are sexual animals, in which males have to look for a mate. So yes Men are interested in sex and want to have sex, it is part of our biology, get over it.

The idea that Real Men should be prepared to be violent, even when it is not called for.

Like when you have to defend yourself or someone else. This is what happens when you know the world is inherently violent.

For example, a common response to women's tales of experiencing street harassment is for a man who's listening to say, "If I was there, I would have punched [the harasser]."

Laugh out load Have you ever read a biology book before. This isn't exclusive to humans you know. The masculine animal, for example lions, will fight males who get close to females they are mating with or want to mate with. Even in animals where the females are the masculine one, they still fight other females to lay claim to the male(s) they want. Humans are no different. I ain't saying punch every dude that looks at your girlfriend, but it is in our nature.

Though not reinforced much in fictional media, in real life it is widely expected that a man would abandon his pregnant girlfriend, and is incapable and/or unwilling to take responsibility.

By who? I think you forgot the real men get married and real men take care of their kids saying.

The myth that men are not interested in parenting, and are inherently unsuited to be single parents.

I agree with everything but that this is part of toxic masculinity, because this isn't a part of what masculinity is. Where did you get this idea of masculinity anyway? A gender studies course? Because if so, sorry to tell you, it was pulled right out of the ass.

Emasculation: the idea that there is a range of feminine interests and activities a Real Man would not hold, and that disprove a man's masculinity regardless of his other actions

Now if it were up to me, I would discourage emasculation of both men and women. But let me address the points instead.

interest in one's personal looks, cosmetics, dressing up, fashion

Um when was it not mascuiline? Men who lift weights care about their personal looks. Men looking to impress females tend to dress up and try to get a fashion sense. This isn't a masculine or feminine thing, it is a I want to look good thing.

being emotional, expressing emotion, crying

I addressed this.

appreciating "frivolous" things such as sugary "girly" drinks, romantic styles, cute animal videos, romcom flicks

One thing, cute animal videos tend not to be anti-masculine, just saying. The rest of it is a first world problem thing, like if you are a woman who wants your masculine boyfriend(or girlfriend) to watch a movie with you and they say no I don't like the genre. Sorry this ain't toxic masculinity.

understanding women, being sympathetic

Most masculine men want to know how women work. Many are also sympathetic. Masculinity has nothing to do with not being sympathetic, sorry fam.

being silly, giddy

I feel this one was pulled out of the toilet, as no where do masculine people appose being silly.

needing help, not-knowing

That is why men don't help each other at all. Not when spotting in the gym, or teaching a man how to fight, masculine men just don't help

Well that is great. Seems to be a funny thing. There is an bad agenda about this, and it all comes down to a little thing known as


I can't say this word with a straight face anymore, modern feminism ruined it that bad. Alright let us define it:

"An alternative definition would be a social system in which males hold primary power, predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property at the specific exclusion of women, at least to a large degree."

Now if you think the west has a patriarchy then let me be your alarm clock and wake you up. We don't live in one. Now you are going to complain about there be no female president, but let me break it down. First, notice we live in a country were people vote. Now also notice that females vote. Now also notice that females don't vote for females to be president. Get it? Good. Now if you are suggesting we should just let a woman be president because she is a woman let me be the first to say, stop, and that is a horrible idea. Also we live in a country were women, like men, have equal opportunity to do what they want. Some women do run for president, but the people don't want this people in office. Sorry, I know that doesn't sound good but those are the facts.

Now it is time to transition to the last part of the men and feminism saga


If you stay this stop it, stop it right now. Everytime you do this you make feminism look worst, and the worst you make feminism look the more people won't take it seriously, and that can have major problems in places and times when it is needed for women. Now how is feminism defined. Let us take a look:

"Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women."

Notice how not once it mentions men. Feminism is not a movement for men. Can men support and be feminist, sure, but they should understand feminism has nothing in it for them. So why would this idea of feminism be used. There is two:

A: Many of these feminist are also egalitarians, and focus on female issues and male issues


B is what seals it for a lot of them. In reality they don't want this group to be right. Why, I don't know. For the most part MRAs tend to be correct then feminist when it comes to gender problems in the west. So what is with the hatred for them? Many say they hate it because of sexism. But MRAs(for the most part) don't hate women. What the problem really is about the fact that MRAs address male issues, in a way that many feminist don't like. As seen above toxic masculinity is a major thing in 3rd wave feminism, but they can't find a way to blame it if the MRAs solve it without with it being know that masculinity is not bad. Not only that it is the problems they address when it comes to men. They tend to show off that males in the west don't hold all the privileges, which gets in the way of some form of feminism(especially 3rd wave feminism.) Now to be fair, most feminist don't hate MRAs and I am not an MRA. Keep in mind I like MRAs as much as I like feminist, so if you assume I hate feminist, then I also hate MRAs, if you assume I am an MRA, just know that I would also be a feminist as well.

I will post more tomorrow as It was longer but it fucked up.
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10-03-2016, 04:22 AM
RE: WTF Happened to the "Feminism" Movement?
I don't know and I don't really care but I will say I have trouble trusting a group that railed against gender specific terms yet calls themselves feminists. Wink
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10-03-2016, 04:33 AM
RE: WTF Happened to the "Feminism" Movement?
(02-03-2016 08:04 AM)Escape Artist Wrote:  To me, the question is, should those who do not identify with this new wave of feminism (these she-woman man haters, if you will) re-brand themselves? Or should the goal be re-education?

Wasn't this the motivation with the whole Brights thing? The term "atheist" can have negative connotations. There are plenty of people who think it means "someone who hates god" or that it's someone who asserts that there is/are no god/s. My understanding is that because of these negative connotations, some atheists felt we should re-brand ourselves. There were other atheists who felt this was stupid (or, at the very least, silly or unnecessary) and seem to have focused more on re-educating people as to what being an atheist actually means.

Just my thoughts. Hopefully they are slightly coherent. Tongue
The difference though may be that there wasn't a shit load of atheists on social media playing into the stereotype. Religious folks made that shit up about us. People aren't making up the crazy shit some feminists believe.
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10-03-2016, 04:35 AM
RE: WTF Happened to the "Feminism" Movement?
Oh and I'm back....I guess.
And don't fucking ask who I am!
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10-03-2016, 05:05 AM
RE: WTF Happened to the "Feminism" Movement?
(10-03-2016 04:35 AM)Drunkin Druid Wrote:  Oh and I'm back....I guess.
And don't fucking ask who I am!
Yabut, who are you? Consider

[Image: 7oDSbD4.gif]
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10-03-2016, 09:14 AM
RE: WTF Happened to the "Feminism" Movement?
(10-03-2016 04:35 AM)Drunkin Druid Wrote:  Oh and I'm back....I guess.
And don't fucking ask who I am!

Big Grin Welcome back!
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10-03-2016, 09:36 AM
RE: WTF Happened to the "Feminism" Movement?
Hey guys its me again. How have you been? I hope good. You ready for the rest of it. I know I said tomorrow as in the 7th, but I have things so, don't hate me.


If you promote this, you are really stupid for that. How can anyone think this works, how? Let me break it down.

Lets say I tell men not to murder. I go around saying that we should teach men not to murder instead of people having to defend themselves. Let me bring you back in time. Lets say I was in ted bundy's teacher at one point. I sit there and tell every man in the room do not murder. Now any idiot would think that would work. Well it doesn't. Ted Bundy would still go around killing people. How can I know this? Because we already teach people not to even kill. Does it ever come to mind that maybe these people know it is bad and just don't give a fuck, like none. Well the same goes for rape. In fact rapist like this mantra, because then women will walk around with lower defenses if they think this works. But there is more to it.

Second, if you only teach men not to rape, what about the women? It makes it look as if forcing a man to penetrate your vagina is not as bad. Hell the F.B.I doesn't consider it that, hell it is considered not as bad.

Third, it makes men look as if we are bad. I know men having a bad image being a problem is like something new to many feminist, but it exist.

So instead of teaching men not to rape, let us teach women how to defend themselves. Teach them how to use a gun, or a knife, or martial arts, hell even all three. Trust me rape happens a lot less when the rapist is on the ground bleeding after a well placed two piece jab and a good shot to the leg.

Ohh, Speaking of teaching, let us explore the amazing world of women and college. Yeah!!


Don't worry guys women do dominate S.T.E.M fields. That I mean biology. Which is well, I don't care. If I don't care when men dominate a science field why should I care if women dominate one? They also dominate Social sciences, which are pretty pointless but what ever.

So then here comes my first question, if females are not encouraged to do science, why do the dominate biology and social science? I mean they like the other fields were once dominated by men.

Now I hear someone saying that girls are taught not to take math and sciences. Well I would say that is a factor, but there is more to it. Keep in mind many other factors within it as well. Keep in mind many kids are taught many biases. Hell females a growing in all sciences in general

On the whole females lagging in science thing:

And even the girls and math thing alone is complicated

A good read for those who are curious on it.


Now this shit, this shit needs help. I don't think even most feminist today follow this crap. But it still needs to be addressed. Trigger warning are, dare I saw unscientific. Sorry but making sure your friend stays away from certain things does not work. But exposing the person to the trauma slowly works better.

Not only that but they are childish. Most of the people know need trigger warnings on university used triggered as bothered. This allows these students to avoid ideas they don't like and claim is as bad. This leads them to ask for......


If you want this on college leave. The reason I say that is because most safe spaces aren't for the reasons they are made. Safes spaces are needed now because of differing views, not trauma. Let me put it on perspective. You hear some one talk about the wage gap be false. Now there are two things that you can do.

1. Run to a safe space

2. Engage in a meaning full conversation.

I get it feminism you know the wage gap is false, and that facts are not on your side, but if creationism has taught us anything you can keep saying false hoods and make money off of them. So keep debating feminism you can do it.

Also safe spaces tend to help with.......


This is my biggest issue with modern day feminism. This has to be one of the disgusting things about the movement today. There was a situation in Canada not so long ago were a man was almost jailed. Why you might ask?


And that is just the icing on the cake. There are more examples of this and it is horrible. It is as if feminism in the west wants to take away freedom. Hell this isn't even the only one. You know what I say about people who need to censor other people for disagreeing? That you have no leg to stand on, if you even had legs to begin with. In fact you didn't have any.

Hell even comedy is "banned". If some one makes a rape joke, I am sorry to tell you that it doesn't degrade rape. Me telling a joke about police brutality doesn't make cops look bad. Me making a joke about white people doesn't make white people look bad. Now I agree that said jokes can be bad when done bad, but name a joke that isn't. And down give me that punch-up punch-down shit.

Sorry but offensive humor is needed. Laughter is the medicine needed in order to look at such problems that we face today and try to make the best out of everything. If you want to take that away shame on you.

Now there are two more things I must address. These are what bothers me the most.


[Image: yppwxlel12.jpg]

[Image: 6yMFj1S.jpg]

[Image: doublestandard.png]

Now let me bring up a story from long ago. Remember protein world? One day they released a photo of a hot chick and said are you beach body ready. Feminist said it was problematic and should be taken down. Protein world said no, and made hella money from it. Now here is the real kicker. Before her they used a man promoting the same thing. Nobody gave a shit.

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Now some might say men should not be in that position as well. Let me be the first to applaud you for being self aware. But let me refute that by saying getting rid of two things people enjoy to get rid of one thing you don't doesn't help. Remember that time that one state tried to ban marriage all together to stop gay marriage? Didn't fly. So I say let sexy men and women be on things. Remember sex sells.


Don't get me wrong, even modern feminism can get somethings right. Like female domestic abuse and rape is bad. However, the problem is that these aren't just female issues in the west anymore. Males often face domestic abuse and rape, but it is worst for them. For men even if you were the one hit and you call for help, you will be arrested. Add to that you have almost no shelters for you to go. And even the american government doesn't think a woman can rape a man based on their definition. Still, it is a problem for both. So what are problems women only face in the west? Legal? Nope, women tend to serve lower sentences for the same crime as if a man does, to add divorce favors them as well. Reproductive? In some states yes, but there is a sad reason for that. Most people in said states, men and women, think abortion is bad. So in reality it is just democracy. Also to add many of these states do let you have an abortion if necessary. To add men too have reproductive problems. I am not going to play up the whole thing, but just know even reproductive rights is an issue that effects both genders. Social? Hell no. So what are these problems that women face, what problems do women face? 1st world problems.

Things like manspreading. Yeah. Or how the media is "sexist". These things are really first world problems. Now let me explain the sexist thing. Take street fighter 5 for example. R.Mika had a move in which she slapped her ass. That was sexist apparently. And they had to remove it. Now this isn't a problem. A woman slaps her own ass, wow. Women in the middle east are being stoned, yet an ass slap is the problem. This is why the question "What legal rights does a man have that women don't" can never be answered. These problems are a sad attempt to grab a straws.

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And lastly the one thing that really gets me


I already understand the not all feminist thing, I just wonder if they can understand yes all men is just as bad as yes all feminist?

The "they are not real feminist" thing really stings me because well....

Now I will post the definition of feminism:

the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities

organized activity in support of women's rights and interests

Now I want to especially look at the second definition. It says interest. Now do many of these feminist that spout crazy ideas thinking of the interest of women, even if it is certain women. That would make them feminist.

What really irks me about this is that Christians do the same thing for the same reason. Let me explain. Christians use the no true scotts man fallacy when ever they see a christian doing something that gives Christianity a bad name. Feminist today tend to do it for the same reason. Instead of admitting maybe there is a problem with modern feminism and needs to be edited, many just try to ignore the problem. Now many feminist don't, and those people are part of the intellegent crowd.

Best part about this is the fact that it makes feminism look bad. By saying well they are not true feminist you are letting them continue to spout BS, worst thing is saying they are not feminist doesn't help you at all. I think somebody posted it in the thread already but the number of people who identify as feminist dropped in 2 years. Keep letting them speak with no refutation and well, soon you will be next to 0. And nobody will care.


This just makes me so sad. Now feminist don't deny biology as a whole, but a certain aspect of it. What aspect do they deny? The biological differences in the behavior of men and women. For example the brain. Males and females have different interest and behaviors. Hell even the use of the brain is different between them.

These are just a few. I can understand why modern feminism can't really handle these facts. Because it screws with the agenda. Let me make a hypothetical. Lets say women are complaining that there are not enough female truckers. They argue that society should work in a way to encourage women to be truckers. However, a scientific paper comes and says women are natural inclined to to less risky jobs. This ruins the narrative because they can't just up and force people to change something they can't control. To add that means less women will be truckers because women naturally don't want to do it. Now keep in mind this is on average meaning some females will break the mold and become truckers, but they are the exception to the rule.

Denying the biological differences between men and women won't work. Hell trans people are the same. Just because you were born a man becoming a woman, doesn't mean that you won't take these female characteristics. After all, trans people tend to be born or "made" trans. Some might also argue that some men and some women don't take such roles. Exception meet rule.


As I said before I don't hate feminism. I just hate what it has become. After all feminism is just an egalitarian movement for women. But feminism should be like batman, once justice is served it should hide in the shadows. And for women it is. Women can vote, women have equal opportunity, women get the same amount of pay as men. These are great things that we should be thankful feminism has helped fix. But this is no excuse to ignore its problems today. So far it has done more harm than good. Worst thing is that if this keeps up feminism will eventually die off and people will see it as a negative thing. In america we don't need feminism, but egalitarianism. Both men and women face the same problems of domestic abuse, rape, discrimination, and more. And for all races too. Feminism isn't the way to do it in the west. Hell as shown before above, feminism hurts men more than helps them. So it is time to put feminism away in the west. Hopefully we won't need it again.


I don't blame you so here are more interesting people:
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RE: WTF Happened to the "Feminism" Movement?

This is why Humanists are far superior to 'feminists'.

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RE: WTF Happened to the "Feminism" Movement?
I gotta go take a shit. Drinking Beverage

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