WW3 coming from North Korea soon?
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01-07-2017, 05:57 AM
RE: WW3 coming from North Korea soon?
(01-07-2017 03:00 AM)abaris Wrote:  
(30-06-2017 07:04 PM)yakherder Wrote:  If, however, one views peace as the ultimate goal and doesn't simply see the world as a giant chess board like I do, then none of them, past present or future.

But in that case, nobody needs to act all surprised and butthurt if the old saying "what goes around, comes around" happens to be true. It's the obvious chessboard appoach that generates a lot of hatred.

That approach has been the reality for thousands of years, and one taken by all countries even if the citizens of those countries don't want to believe it. I'm not necessarily saying this is how I want to view the world. It's merely the conclusion I've come to based on the data available. And that data tells me world peace is a pipe dream, and nations are built out of steel, lithium, and petroleum, not wishful thinking and good intentions.

this isn't some concept America just created. We were essentially forced into the position, to some extent, beginning with our conflict with the Barbary Coast and England's attempts to use them to keep our economy in check and later, to a much greater extent, when we were passed the proverbial torch after WW2 when our counterparts were no longer in any position to control the powder keg they'd forged.

If people wanna arbitrarily choose someone to hate, so be it. And if the US and all its European and Commonwealth allies lose the upper hand, so be it. I'm not intimidated by the prospect of hard times.

'Murican Canadian
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