Poll: Would you rather be Christian or American?
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18-05-2011, 08:22 PM
thanks nontheocrat. honestly i haven't written anything that hasn't been said millions of times before but i watched something on tv and it reminded me of my previous conversation about osama and i was inspired to put it all down on 'paper'

even the smartest man in the world is an idiot
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18-05-2011, 10:35 PM
Well, I chose the option "American", in the Poll.

I disagree with the observation that one chooses their religion. That is not at all always the case. Children are indoctrinated sometimes in infancy, with Baptism, to be members of a religion they're led to believe is absolutely true and as necessary as part of their survival as is learning to walk, potty train and speak their native language is.
I am also proud to be an American. I've lived in Canada,I've traveled but not extensively, and I could at any time choose to be an expatriate, but I do not and I do not foresee that changing any time in future.
The way I see it , if someone is a citizen of their home country, they have every right to a sense of dignity and self-esteem to be a member of a nation they call home, that gives them what they need to be successful, happy, healthy, etc...

Being proud to be of a certain race, is a different thing. That is certainly not something in one's control to adhere to or change, ever. One doesn't choose not to be white, or black, etc... One doesn't exmelanin themselves from the Hispanic race. So being proud to be black, white, etc... is just silly. Though it's not unheard of.
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