WaPo: Chinese protesters march against trash incinerator
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14-09-2014, 03:37 AM (This post was last modified: 14-09-2014 03:54 AM by HU.Junyuan.)
WaPo: Chinese protesters march against trash incinerator
Feel like talking about garbage incinerators ?

Where do I want a garbage incinerator to be located ? Not around me, of course. I would instinctly think so. BTW, trash disposal (both recyclable and non-recyclable) has generally been free of charge in China for the past 30 years, so there's practically no way I could directly benifit from it which makes it harder for me to want it around myself. Yet in a crowded world like ours, this generally means at least around somebody ...

So, in big cities in the West where the population density is similar, is trash disposal always free ?

Modern trash incinerators are not obsolete, are they?

If Western governments want to build incinerators, where and how do the they decide to build these facilities ?

For those way right:

After finishing reading the article, did the AP mention whether the demonstration was approved or not ?

Does demonstration need offcial approval in West democracies ?

What would happen if thousands take to the street in West democracies without offcial approval ?

Are non-approved demonstrations in West democracies always orderly even with presence of the police ?

Someone once cited stipulations about anti-secession in China's criminal law and interpreted it as anything against the Chinese government would be applicable to that accusation. Would you like to predict how many of these thousands of civilians would be charged with violations of those anti-secession stipulations ? Evil_monster We can see how well the prediction goes in the following year.


Chinese protesters march against trash incinerator

By Associated Press September 13 at 10:25 AM

BEIJING — Thousands of people took to the streets of a southern Chinese town on Saturday, some clashing with police, to protest a proposed garbage incinerating plant, participants and eyewitnesses said.

The demonstration in Guangdong province’s Boluo county was the latest to highlight how Chinese have become increasingly wary of the environmental hazards of such projects but still lack public forums to voice their concerns and affect the government’s decision-making process.


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