WaPo: Killings by China anti-terror cops raise concerns
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08-09-2014, 07:56 PM (This post was last modified: 08-09-2014 08:48 PM by HU.Junyuan.)
WaPo: Killings by China anti-terror cops raise concerns
Interesting. Whose concerns are those again ? It has not been explicity pointed out in the article. At least myself don't have such concerns.

Interesting again, this line "police are excessively using deadly force" sounds pretty familiar ... Here we have a joke in China about police in a certain country whose snipers come to parents' aid by putting a bullet through their suicide-claiming child's head and end the misery. We say it is the "serving the people" spirit Chinese police force claim to own yet sometimes fail to deliver.

Well, obviously some Americans are against anti-terrorism. Will somebody please be kind enough to share this information with the NSA ? I guess they should be interested, should they ?


Killings by China anti-terror cops raise concerns

By Associated Press September 8 at 2:34 AM

BEIJING — When attackers from China’s minority Uighurs killed 37 people in a July rampage in far western Xinjiang, police responded by gunning down at least 59 of them. When three Uighurs allegedly killed a top state-appointed Muslim cleric, police shot dead two of them. When security forces led a raid on 10 suspected Uighur terrorists, they fatally shot all but one.

The incidents are part of a pattern raising concerns that Chinese police are excessively using deadly force in their bid to prevent more attacks by Uighur militants, who have killed dozens of civilians in train stations and other public places over the past few years. In some cities, patrolling SWAT units have already been authorized to shoot dead suspected terrorists without warning.


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