War against Isis?
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26-02-2015, 09:17 PM
RE: War against Isis?
(26-02-2015 08:16 PM)Chas Wrote:  
(26-02-2015 02:15 PM)yakherder Wrote:  If I hadn't worked in corrections before, however briefly, I might agree. But the reality is that today's prisons are merely people warehouses, and the higher profile the inmates are the more their rights must be safeguarded to prevent a lawsuit. One second the public hates them, then they're in custody and by the end of the week you're facing the possibility of a mistrial or a lawsuit because they weren't given enough phone calls. Or they're writing to the ombudsman because they got one cookie with their meal instead of two like everyone else. He'd get 3 full meals a day, full medical coverage, phone access, the opportunity to continue radicalizing others from within the institution, and the chance to be let loose on a technicality. It might not be a vacation by any stretch of the imagination, but it'd be far from punishment. I'm not one for revenge. I just want this guy to not exist in this world, and a 5.56 NATO round costs less than a quarter.

A most under-utilized phrase is "shot while attempting escape". Drinking Beverage

Note: Where are you buying your ammo? It's hard to find 5.56 NATO for much less than US$0.40/round, unless you're using that TulAmmo crap.

I think I actually paid about 0.44 per round last time I bought a 5.56 box of 1,000, but Uncle Sam gets the extreme bulk discount. Conventional ammo is one of those few things the government actually gets a good deal on.

Every time I get to mess with the M2, I try to imagine how many month's pay in ammunition I would have gone through if I'd had to float the bill myself. For decent .50 BMG, I think the gov't pays just over a dollar per, whereas it would cost me about 5$ per.

'Murican Canadian
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