War stories
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21-04-2011, 01:08 PM
War stories
I think all of us can agree than the 20th century was one of the most gruesome and deadly periods in recorded history. And it isn't so far away, so most of us probably have some relatives who lived through the two word wars and gathered some interesting experiences that worth passing on to later generations. It's very important for us to know the personal side of history, what happened to the common people, what happened beyond what's written in textbooks. SO I figured it is interesting and useful to share such stories with each other.
The main goal of this thread is to collect those stories so I'll start.

My grandmother was born in 1941, in territory that now belongs to Romania but back than it was Hungary. We were allied with the Germans and by 1944 we were loosing the war, and it was said that the area will be cut off of Hungary, so people started to flee. So my grand-grandmother and grand-grandfather packed some of their stuff in a bed-sheet, picked up my grandmother and her brother, and got on the train. They knew that the trip was more than dangerous since trains were bombed all the time, but they figured it was the best solution anyway. After some time, planes came and bombs started falling. They agreed that the best they could do is to remain aboard and not get separated. They would either die or live, but only together. The bombs didn't hit the train (deliberately or not, how knows), they fell next to it. People panicked and jumped off the moving train, only to be massacred by gunfire. My great-grandparents remained on the train and just watched all those innocent people die terribly, women men and children alike... In the end they managed to arrive safe and sound and start a new life, but my grandmother still panics when she hears a plane passing by.

Another story comes from my great-grandfather. He fell into captivity in Serbia during the first word war. The soldiers liked to torture people by putting them into large barrels full of jam and than lit fires below them. Apart from the heat, the jam acted like acid, causing incredibly painful yet not deadly injuries. He was frightened (understandably enough) and managed to escape, hiding in a swamp knowing that if they find him, he is going to be tortured to death. Finally he escaped, with his left leg being gouty for a life, and an inability to look at jam without crying.

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