Warrior Cats By Erin Hunter?
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20-02-2017, 10:15 AM
Warrior Cats By Erin Hunter?
Anyone here a fan of Erin Hunter?

I've read up until the Apprentice's Quest book. Still need to read 'Dawn of the Clans'

But for those who have read the books. I'm stuck on a question posed by some people. Do you think StarClan and the Warrior Code/Medicine Cat Code is flawed?

Personally I find StarClan are a religion for these cats to be very Christian like based in some senses. And it makes it kind of insufferable to read about them after you read as far as the ending of Power of Three and start into Omen of Stars.

As for the warrior code, it seems that only certain people can get away with it. Playing favorites to ThunderClan is one thing.
Leaders can have kits.
Medicine cats can't have kits?
Aren't they about the same thing? True Medicine Cats shouldn't pt their kits above other clan mates. But yet a leader, who is in-charge of the whole damn clan, can have kits and put them above other cats?

Just curious if anyone else is thinking the same thing.

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