Watching movies with family
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04-10-2011, 10:05 AM
Watching movies with family
Basically, this is a *doh* post. My mother-in-law records all sorts of movies with DVR, and we tend to watch them together. She doesn't pay attention to what channel the movies are on, just if the description looks interesting. We've had some true bombs off Sundance, some awesome discoveries, too. What really gets in my craw is when she finds them from 'worship' channels.

I keep my mouth shut, because she likes them and considers herself religious in the way most Americans to, without going to church. It angers me that there is always an athiest, or in one case a jewish man, who doesn't really fit in, but they take them under their wing and convert them. It truly angers me when they make blanket statements.

One film had a 'formerly homosexual' man who found his way to 'God' and while it is a constant struggle, he wants to go to Heaven so he fights his sinful ways. Things like that I find impossible to keep my mouth shut about. One movie that has a mixed message is Fireproof. (I only remember the title because the DVD is still on Mom's table) A couple is on the verge of divorce when the man's father gives him a book with daily challenges in it. He says to work this plan and if it doesn't work, then they can get a divorce.

The plan involves being nice to the spouse, starting simple with making them their morning coffee. What angers me, is that toward the end the man, being rejected day after day (the wife's friends telling her he is only being nice to get ahead in the divorce), the man says he isn't certain she deserves his love. The father goes off on a tangent about Jesus and how we don't deserve his love, but he loves us anyway. If we accept his love, we can love even those undeserving of it.

I about threw something at the TV. The very idea that the only way you can love someone is by loving Jesus first! WTF???!!! It spits in the eye of every happy couple, married or not.

Okay, vent done. Thanks for listening! Tongue
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