We Finally had the "Talk."
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07-03-2013, 01:51 PM
RE: We Finally had the "Talk."
(06-03-2013 09:53 PM)Full Circle Wrote:  I really wish you the best.
Thanks Blush

"It was life, often unsatisfying, frequently cruel, usually boring, sometimes beautiful, once in awhile exhilarating." -Stephen King
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09-03-2013, 03:39 PM
RE: We Finally had the "Talk."
I do not know if religion or lack of it needs be given so much importance that it should affect one's relationship? Naturally this depends on how strongly religious your boyfriend is. Sounds like to you both your personal views are very important and in this case I cannot really give you very detailed advice. My man is a Hindu and I am a atheist converted to Hinduism (from my own free will prior to meeting my man). I have a rather limited knowledge of religion-relationship issues, but during my most hardcore atheist times I used to go out with a christian creationist. It did result in clashes and eventually into me force-feeding him evolution theory. Needless to say that did not last long, despite some inital successes.

Into the advice then---I feel that when one's own values and beliefs are strong, any compromise could only bring you constant mild mental stress or even pain. You would not want to live with the question of ''is he really happy'' or ''does he wish I was different'' or ''what if his female friend who is pretty and a believer will lure him away?'' I don't think the dispute would be any different if instead of the problem being religion, say, he wanted a child and you didn't.

It would be better to keep a break and for you to go somewhere with your friends for a couple days and for him to do the same with his and discuss the options in your respective friend groups. It's always good to hear advice from people you know got your back!

“A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone's feelings intentionally.”
- Oscar Wilde
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