"We had to come from somewhere."
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16-12-2013, 09:53 PM
RE: "We had to come from somewhere."
(16-12-2013 04:18 PM)Alla Wrote:  I do not know for sure about everything. But I do know for sure that
1) influence of the Holy Ghost is so convincing that it is not possible not to trust Him. I can't explain why.
2)there are things that God told me and later I had evidence that they were true. He never lied to me in personal revelations. That is why I have reason to trust God. When I catch Him at least on one lie then I won't have reason to trust Him at all.

And this is supposed to be convincing to ANYBODY because... why? You can't explain why you believe what you do, so why the hell should anybody take you seriously? The world does not work in a "I believe it to be true, therefor it is.", kind of way. If you can prove it, or at least come up with something compelling for a change, people might start to listen. Until you can actually come up with some kind of evidence other than a fuzzy feeling in your bosom, you're better off saving your words for people who actually believe that means something.

People follow their fantasies and delusions off of bridges and buildings, quite literally to their deaths. Your delusions are only different in that they haven't told you to harm yourself or others... yet.

"Good news, everyone!"
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16-12-2013, 10:33 PM (This post was last modified: 16-12-2013 10:37 PM by EvolutionKills.)
RE: "We had to come from somewhere."
(16-12-2013 01:22 PM)Alla Wrote:  Why? To believe in one Big Bang = to believe in absolute beginning and in absolute end. Do we have any evidence of such things as absolute beginning or absolute end? Answer: No.
Do we have proof of such thing as relative beginnings and relative ends? Answer: Yes.

(16-12-2013 01:22 PM)Alla Wrote:  Convince me that there are such things as absolute beginning and absolute end and I will accept that I have no reason.
I know that there many relative beginnings and many relative ends. I don't know any example of absolute beginning and absolute end. Do you?

This just goes to show you just how terrible you are at reason and logic, and why your non-evidence based reasoning is so fundamentally broken. Science has evidence for the expansion of our perceptible universe, so that's one expansion for one universe. Beyond the point of singularity we simply do not know. That is the intellectually honest answer, 'we simply do not know'. But that's not god enough for you. Instead you use simple, flimsy, and flawed logic; and then try to extrapolate that onto the entirety of existence with zero evidence to support you doing so. That is the problem with your reasoning, you have no evidence to support your beliefs. You are making a false assumption (the big bang signifies an absolute beginning/end), then building an unsupported premise from that (which is also false because it is built upon a flawed premise).

Positive claims require positive evidence.

You can entertain ideas and possibilities, but as soon as you start to posit something as being likely or true, then you need evidence to support your conclusion. Simple flawed logic isn't good enough, we expect actual evidence. You can entertain the idea of multiple big bangs or a cyclic universe, but until you have evidence that such has actually happened or will happen, claiming that such is actually the case puts you into fucking woo-woo land; and we're obliged to laugh at and ridicule you for it. This is because you're now in the same crack pot making-shit-up-as-they-go category as Cryptozoologists, conspiracy theorists, psychics, astrologers, and religious prophets/cultists.

And if you're this bad at supporting your beliefs on evidence, it's a small step to picking up demonstrably harmful beliefs (like witch burning); because you do not have a good filter for determining truth from bullshit.

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