We just lost a child because of “Gods” imperfect creation of the umbilical cord.
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01-12-2014, 07:15 PM (This post was last modified: 02-12-2014 04:58 AM by DLJ.)
We just lost a child because of “Gods” imperfect creation of the umbilical cord.
Life has his ups and downs, but there is nothing more happier than a mother being pregnant. My life’s partner Lindsay glowed, it was her wish for a long time to become a mother and starting a family. It did not take long for her to get pregnant and then our journey to parenthood started. You buy all the clothes, carry on, the crib, rebuild the house for the baby ROOM. Everybody in your environment makes compliment and it is a very happy period. My gfr had a great pregnancy, she almost had never any mood swings and felt goof for the first 7 months. Then she had some complains like her hand a food would swell after 7 months. Our new appointment was 4 days away with a doctor in the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. Lindsay did complain about the baby kicking a lot less, but sometimes this was the case so nothing really worry about, you think.
It was a beautiful day for our checkup and when the doctor made the ultra sound we receive the message the baby was decease possibly already for one week.
If there was ever a moment in my life that I did not know how to handle a situation or respond it was at that moment. Lindsay in tears and I just sat there starring at a monitor with the image of a child in the womb not moving, whispering the words no,no,no. The moment seemed to have lasted forever. I hugged Lindsay, held her tight and she decided to take the doctors advice to have a natural birth as this was much better for the next pregnancy. The next two days are hard to describe, there was a small couch next to the hospital bed were Lindsay was laying and I was trying to get some sleep after this regular checkup changed into a horror scenario....

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