Wedding Customs Borrowed From Paganism
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20-05-2011, 01:53 PM
Wedding Customs Borrowed From Paganism
Wedding Customs Borrowed From Paganism

Written by adwenger
May 29,2011

Though many people think Paganism is some wild religious tradition of yesteryear, these same people would be shocked to learn how many Pagan traditions live on in the modern era, especially when it comes to wedding customs. Yes, many wedding customs have been borrowed from paganism, including the wedding ring itself, and in this article we'll explain why. (Continues @ Zimbio)

This blows the doors off the anti-gay marriage equality Theists who claim their stance is taken from the fact that marriage is a Christian tradition, between a man and a woman! Tongue

Do you think they'll ever wake up to the fact that their entire faith is a fable stolen from other cultures, and particularly the practices afforded ancient Paganism?
Nah, it's the Devil that's putting that lie out there.
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