Poll: Were you once religious?
Yes, I used to believe once.
No, I never did.
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Were you once a believer?
(12-12-2012 08:18 AM)Chas Wrote:  
(12-12-2012 08:10 AM)earmuffs Wrote:  Or until the day they solve all the mysteries and you're left without a job.
Yeah, like that's gonna happen any time soon. Consider
Well maybe not in your life time...

You never know, science seems to be like this, one minute the world is held up on the back of a turtle, nek minute it's a sphere ball of assorted rocks orbiting a giant flaming ball of gas.
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I was born into and raised as a French Catholic. Was forced to goto Catholic skool (intended typo) and yet always questioned the details or tenets in religion. By early adulthood I began to have these things called "THOUGHTS" and it was a simple choice from there.
Religion soon began to make no sense.
After that, I realized that though I was searching for understanding, and to better understand, I was utilizing the wrong sources.
And ironically, by being a social outcast: a questioning "believer" and sought the answers to why I wasn't "conforming" (even at the risk of my job) socially. After the diagnosis of adult ADD which, when I seriously accepted in terms of "what if?" and decided to research myself.
The results were astonishing and finally helped me become comfy with myself.
I'm a critical thinker and therefore a nonbeliever because, simply put: it didn't make sense any longer.
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i was an altar boy at about 10 or 12 or something..and no the priest didnt get me. unless i blocked it out of my memory. the point is yes i did once believe. stopped believing at 15 or16 i guess. ive been off religion ever since.. more than 20 years "sober."
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I was completely brainwashed since babyhood, quite literally. It all began when I was dipped in a pile of "holy" water to be cleansed of a disease because of a rib woman's sin. At the time I could barely breathe, since I was 1 week old, however the ritual serves as a proof of the mental disease of my environment.

Throughout my childhood I maintained a strong friendship with a cosmic jewish zombie. I enjoyed eating his flesh every week, this was done by eating magic crackers. I remember feeling absolute bliss and joy when I first received the wafer in my mouth.

My biggest regret was going through the confirmation process and finally receiving the sacrament. That happened last year and to be honest I already realized it was pure bullshit at the time. That act of complete dishonesty will follow me throughout my life.

Thankfully my eyes are now open to reality. I am slowly learning to enjoy life without needing to lie to myself about the nature of reality. I would not have it any other way. Peace.
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i have been an atheist for as long as i can remember
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As a child yes, then I grew out of God just as we grow out of the Tooth Fairy and Santa.
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As a child, yes.

From about 17 or so, hell no.

But personal change is evil, it makes me worse than Stalin...
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Despite going through confirmation, praying in school every Friday, I think it was (yay State Church), and learning certain bible stories and the goody two-shoeness of Jeebus (again, yay), I somehow never believed. It was like I was being told that the Tales by Brothers Grimm were true (yes, I remember making that reference elsewhere on the forum before, but it's true Drinking Beverage )...
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As a teen I was very active in the youth for christ and went to church regularly into my 20's but I think their was always a seed of doubt. And as the seed grew I saw the truth. That it is all a bunch of bs
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Yes... before I'm an atheist I used to be a Christian..

..And believe me when I say that I'm glad I'm an atheist now.
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