West sponsoring ethnic cleansing and coup in Mali
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11-12-2012, 01:08 PM (This post was last modified: 11-12-2012 01:14 PM by I and I.)
West sponsoring ethnic cleansing and coup in Mali
Recently in Mali NATO forces are in MALI shortly after the coup that was led by a U.S. trained mali military leader.

There is a minority population in Mali which have been there for thousands of years, they occupy parts of south Libya and parts of Niger. This ethnic group just happens to be sitting on land with rich minerals including uranium. Look for a western sponsored humanitarian crisis then this crisis to be used for more troop involvement in the area.

The west will use the current coup leader to ethnically cleanse the areas, then once that is well under way, the west will start to do stories, documentaries about the plight of the minorities in the region, then movie stars will speak up about it and then the liberals in the west will say "well we have to military intervene now".

The same thing happened in Sudan with the darfur oil rich region. The west supported Sudan, sudan starts to cleanse a certain area of a certain group, then once that job is done for the west, the west then comes out in full force, hollywood, cnn and fox news all did a "we have to do something about darfur" of course not realizing that the crisis from the beginning was sponsored by the west.


oh yes and of course this article points out how even NATOS foot soldiers known as alqaeda have been arriving in the country with advanced weapons, of course to do the dirty work for the west, then when it's done, the west can say "we have to intervene because of the humanitarian crisis and the presence of alqaeda.

The whole alqaeda charade is pretty fucking clever I must admit. It's like me secretly sponsoring someone to burn your house down, then once the house is burned down, I come in towards the end act like I want to help you, then I say "hey there are resources under your house, lets make a deal".
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