What’s the point of “God”?
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15-10-2013, 01:04 PM
RE: What’s the point of “God”?
(15-10-2013 08:05 AM)houseofcantor Wrote:  "there must be a reason" for circumstance, because such is comforting.

Yeah but is it? Have said it before and will keep on saying it - nothing makes one torture oneself more and experience life as a constant strife, than the thought that "there must be a reason", constantly trying to discover it, looking for explanations and patterns where there are none.

God (any god) can never set us free. Only the thought of the utter randomness of it all can.

Also (have said it again, I know, but it's a such a perfect explanation of religion, it's scary that it's actually a linguistics quote): "The human mind abhors a vacuum of sense. When faced with an absurdity, it strains its interpretative faculty to the utmost, trying to make the meaningless meaningful."

Quote:And when we stand at the threshold of eternity - a.k.a. death - it is comforting to know that we do not walk alone.

Frankly, only thing that could possibly offer any sort of comfort in the face of eternity is the promise of an end. Seems to be my day for repeating myself, but human beings are inherently and indelibly finite; not only can we never experience infinity, we cannot even comprehend it, not really.

Quote:(Oh, it is said that "we all die alone," but the last thing I'm gonna do is kiss my Gwynnies goodbye. I ain't scairt. Wink )

"When death calls me,
nobody in the world will notice
that a man has died without speaking,
without knowing the truth;
that a man died without praying
escaping the burden of piety

Dear brothers on the other side
we sang in the choir down on earth
we all loved the same woman
we went in thousands for the same war
this memory will not comfort you
when you die, you die alone
this memory will not comfort you
when you die you die alone."

(So much more poignant in Italian, of course. And this translation kinda sucks anyway.)

"E se non passa la tristezza con altri occhi la guarderò."
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