What Guns? What Bombs?
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27-04-2013, 07:38 AM
RE: What Guns? What Bombs?
(26-04-2013 12:44 PM)earmuffs Wrote:  
(26-04-2013 08:54 AM)TheBeardedDude Wrote:  It all makes sense now. The guy who was at the Boston Marathon at both sites where the bombs went off, who went to his mechanic the next day to get his car and was so nervous he was chewing his fingernails off, and then went with his brother to rob a convenience store, kill an MIT cop, carjack a pedestrian, get involved in a shootout in a neighborhood full of witnesses where his brother was killed, and then was tracked using the cell phone left by the the carjack victim, and hid in a boat and was found by a guy craving some nicotine after seeing some blood because of his injuries from the shootout already mentioned, and was presumed armed and dangerous because of the bombing, the pipe bombs, and the guns used in the shootout, the carjacking, the robbery, and the killing of the MIT officer, and was shot at while in the boat because attempts to get him to come out and/or throw any weapons from the boat and/or respond in any way failed, was totally setup by the government and/or the Illuminati and/or the Freemasons and/or Satan.

No... Did you not read I&I's thread?
It was the FBI that gave them all that equipment etc.. to do the bombings and stuff.
Though the Freemasons/Illuminati/NWO/whoever else control the FBI, and government for that matter, anyway so I guess you are right.

Obviously this will be used as an excuse to invade a foreign country that recently discovered a shit load of oil.
I herd Venezuela has oil, and their beloved leader just died...

Don't forget the Jews. First they pulled of 911, but the Tsarneav brothers and their mother were just about to expose their treachery when Bibi N. called his buddy Bari O. to clean up this mess. Thankfully the American people are gullible enough that they'd think these Chechens, despite being from the Caucuses and therefor 'Caucasian', were Muslims and therefore honorary brown people. They'll make great patsies.
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27-04-2013, 03:42 PM
RE: What Guns? What Bombs?
(25-04-2013 01:06 PM)Julius Wrote:  http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/natio...d/2111145/

It appears that the Boston Suspect had no guns or bombs on him when captured despite the fact that the police said he set off a bomb and fired at the police - who responded with hundreds of rounds of their own.


Again: What Bomb? What Guns?

Are the Police Hysterical and Hallucinating?

You dealing with a forum of mostly credulous, ideological group-thinkers.

If you were looking for people to be introspective, look up information, provide evidence, provide insight and historical knowledge, be skeptical and/or think critically, or really any thing similar, this most likely isn't the place.

Nice try.

The Paradox Of Fools And Wise Men:
“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser men so full of doubts.” ― Bertrand Russell
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