What Made You Not Believe?
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30-03-2011, 12:26 AM (This post was last modified: 30-03-2011 01:24 AM by Chesstime.)
RE: What Made You Not Believe?
"Dontstartbelieving" said "However my brother who is a bit of a "christian" firmly believes that "I'll burn in hell for being a god-hating atheist"

Tell your misinformed brother that you can't hate something that you don't believe exists!
Oh, as far as what makes me not believe... You summed up the second part, as for the first part; I saw the lies, the bullshit, and I was always a Science lover since childhood, and received very little encouragement from my family for it. So now, I'm a Old wanna be a scientist, that instead tries to promote reason and science, Who despises the sheer stupidity of the forceful Creationist Morons.

The Beauty of The Scientific Method , is the Anticipation of a Better Explanation.
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30-03-2011, 01:41 AM
RE: What Made You Not Believe?
I used to believe it started when an atheist I was arguing with politely suggested we agree to disagree, and the politeness of it startled me and made me realize the atheist was a real person, with real thoughts, and wasn't just a god-hater, but maybe they really didn't believe in a god.

Recently, after thinking about my brother, I realized it started a little before that, though. I used to be what was called a "Two-House Nazarene", a kind of hyper-fundamentalist that even tried to uphold the laws of the Old Testament (I ate kosher and all that. Didn't sacrifice any animals, though, don't worry, I only did what I actually could do xD). After a huge campaign by my family to get me to come from that to just normal fundamentalism, and then when I told thme I was considering going back because I felt more of a connection to god when I did that and they expressed disgust, I was shocked that I wasn't encouraged to pursue god's spirit in my life, and instead just the traditions of my family. It was only subconscious at that moment, but I think that's when I started doubting the truth of my beliefs, if the traditions were more important than the spirit of god moving.

But that was only what made me doubt, and what started the road to not-Christianity. As far as what made me stop believing altogether, I was in my room in Japan one day and just kind of realized--I didn't really believe in any gods. They were in the same realm of thought as video game or book characters I liked. I can't really pinpoint what it was or if there was a particular thing that made me stop believing. It was epiphany, really. Tongue

"It does feel like something to be wrong; it feels like being right." -Kathryn Schulz
I am 100% certain that I am wrong about something I am certain about right now. Because even if everything I stand for turns out to be completely true, I was still wrong about being wrong.
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