What Makes Demons Evil? Why Are They Evil?
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29-11-2017, 07:51 AM
RE: What Makes Demons Evil? Why Are They Evil?
And some are jez plain old ornery Hobo

(28-08-2017 06:52 PM)Vera Wrote:  Some demons are born evil, some achieve evilness and some have evilness thrust upon 'em...
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30-11-2017, 05:42 AM (This post was last modified: 30-11-2017 05:48 AM by Willey Jeff.)
RE: What Makes Demons Evil? Why Are They Evil?
(23-09-2017 03:30 AM)Thinker Wrote:  Forget demons.

In the Christian bible, God is imagistically such one iniquitous gardener. He is worse than the most terrorising Satan imaginable.

In reading it, the first clear-cut impressions are -

1. He is the unholiest rapist.
2. He is the pettiest liar.
3. He is the most ruthless arbiter.
4. He is the most envious jerk.
5. He is nefariously so on.

You left out #6 : He is the King of Kings ( Alleluia ? ] ...
ANd #7, And Lord of Lords

The important thing to remember about demons - which can either be transmorgrified as fanciful projections of negative emotional and spiritual energies or anthropomorphisized as flesh eating LGBT Zombies - is that ,in the American Standard version, at least, " There is only one Devil but many demons." ...

" As Above so Below " Evil_monster

{ “Devils,” as found in the King James Version, is an incorrect rendition. The Greek word for devil is diabolos. Other terms, daimonizomai (found thirteen times), daimon (once), daimoniodes (once), and daimonion (sixty-three times), are transliterated as “demon(s)” (or some equivalent) in the American Standard Version." }
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30-11-2017, 06:13 AM
RE: What Makes Demons Evil? Why Are They Evil?
(28-08-2017 06:43 PM)Ruby Crystal Wrote:  Taking a Philosophy class, and starting to get around to questioning things more. One such thing came to the topic of demons and spirits.

Now I watch Ghost Hunters, A Haunting, and such other shows, knowing most of them are staged and such. It makes for something scary and thrilling to watch at times. But this question came to mind as I watch mostly the ones that involve demons as they tend to be better stories.

Why are demons evil? What makes them evil?

Often times you get back to the pages of the bible. But to say they are the damned souls of those in hell as demons, as some shows and religions put it, why are they always considered evil? I would think, hypothetically speaking that Heaven and Hell even exist, if you were damned then managed to get back to the human plain, why would you do things evil that you did in life?

Why waste a chance again of being on earth again by drawing attention to yourself? You already know what more evil deeds do, so why do them again? If humans really to learn their lessons through punishment, would a soul that escaped hell back to the earth again do more evil deeds?

It's kind of the things that some people bring up about prisoners who escape prison. Everyone thinks they are, if they live around a prison, are in danger of a break out. But it's been shown that prisoner are getting the hell away from the prison, they won't stick around to be caught again. Most of the time when they escape they are miles away from the place they escaped.

Bringing me back to the point of demons, if they are humans who are damned and turned into demon over time, you'd think they'd be edger not to draw attention to themselves and get as far away from Hell as possible.

I just thought of this when I watch these shows. Should they exist, which I know they don't, why are they bothering the living so much with such obvious methods that they are demonic. You'd think they'd learn 'Hey if I do this they'll just send me back! After I worked so damn hard to get out.'

The bible, and other religious texts automatically say they are all evil. But would you ever know a demon was in you're house. Who knows what they are doing, maybe how they are portrayed are all lies. I found it funny how it's always the same story with religious people when it comes to demons. But if this all was true, you'd never know it was in your house as it never bothers to let you know it's their. Thus, should this by hypothetically possible, it's never reported.

This is speaking on the idea of they exist. Which many here know they don't. But this is Philosophy, so I feel it's valid to try and argue on the idea these things exist to come to an answer or something close to one, if that makes sense.

Ruby check out this link below, its a website /forum that I'm involved with that debunks psychics mediums and ghost hunting tv shows. Jon Donnis who owns it is an expert at explaining and debunking supernatural phenomena including the religious and spiritual. Jon is always happy to explain how all manner of cons tricks and fraud is perpetrated.

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30-11-2017, 07:29 AM
RE: What Makes Demons Evil? Why Are They Evil?
It's just bad PR.

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