What are you playing?
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12-05-2017, 03:53 AM
RE: What are you playing?
So... EA put Bioware Montreal on shine status for fucking the dog with ME:A. Laugh out load

Game's a month old and dead. Oh well. MP updates anyway...

living word
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12-05-2017, 05:40 AM
RE: What are you playing?
Doom just went on sale on Steam. Thinking about it Consider

'Murican Canadian
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12-05-2017, 05:47 AM (This post was last modified: 12-05-2017 05:51 AM by earmuffs.)
RE: What are you playing?
Allllllrighty. So now I got my save back it's time to kick some Irish ass.

So I crowned myself King of Ireland which gave me claims on all of Ireland.
The Irish minors didn't like the idea of becoming my vassals so I marched 4500 English troops into their-eh I mean my lands and took it from them.

Their armies are comprised of mostly light Irish troops, no match for heavily armored English knights. They didn't stand a chance.

[Image: 20170512200116_1.jpg]

The Northern Irish minors put up a better fight, they actually had heavy infantry of their own. Buuut well, mine was better and I had a lot more of it.

[Image: 20170512201213_1.jpg]

And here we are, one conquered- I mean liberated, Ireland all in less than 4 years with 5 installed English-friendly dukes to rule over the lands.

[Image: 20170512201748_1.jpg]

At this point, I'm King of Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man and England.
There's only one natural next step. Those damn Scottish bastards need to fall in line.

Scotland is broken into 4 Petty Kingdoms.
Scotland, which is actually now run by the church and doesn't have a King but a "King-Bishop". That's the larger blue blob.
Ce, the teal province. It's the result of a local Count gaining independence when Scotland was at constant war. They might be only 1 province but they're actually quite strong. They also have a lot of allies in Norway. Probably why they haven't been conquered by Scotland yet, Scotland is rather weak militarily. Probably as a result of non-stop infighting, Viking invasion, and the fact that Scotland's "King" has been a "King-Bishop" for several generations now.
The Kingdom of Lothian, which is the similar blue to Scotland minor Kingdom I'm attacking in the screenshot. They used to be bigger but the last kingdom, that light blue one, broke off from it.

[Image: 20170512203212_1.jpg]

So anyway, I'm expanding into the North when I get a message that a strange force has grown in the east...

This is the disease map. It shows spread of diseases like smallpox and measles and a heap of others. Annnd of course, the black plague...
(that is just above tibet)

[Image: 20170512211021_1.jpg]

So, I need like 1 more province at this point before I can form the Empire of Brittania which would give me free claims on the rest of Scotland plus I'll be an Emperor. So, I gotta fucking hurry right because if the black plague reaches my shores a shit ton of characters are gonna die. It's gonna change things drastically and it's also gonna greatly diminish my ability to raise my levies and thus conqueror Scottish lands. Also, if my character dies I lose all my claims that aren't claims via titles I own (which all my claims on Scotland aren't until I'm either King of Scotland or Emperor of Brittania or hold Duchy claims, which I do not.)

So I'm racing against the clock to conqueror a province.

Less than a year and it's reached Muslim lands.

[Image: 20170512211228_1.jpg]

I attack Scotland for the last province I need.

[Image: 20170512211402_1.jpg]

[Image: 20170512211918_1.jpg]

Annnnnnnnnd then this happens...

[Image: 20170512212305_1.jpg]

I just finished my war with Scotland, the Plague is literally right around the corner and spreading extremely fast at this point and I'm only 10 gold (about a weeks worth of taxes) off creating The Empire of Brittania and crowning myself as Emperor before hunkering down to weather the black plague storm AND MY FUCKING NOBLES! DECIDED NOW! IS THE BEST TIME TO DEMAND MORE COUNCIL POWER!??! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!! YOU WANT A CIVIL WAR AT THIS EXACT MOMENT!!!!??? Notice the leader of this "revolt's" shield? fucking Ulster. One of my "trusted" Irish Dukes. Bastard. Fucking bastard.

Combined they have 10% more levies than me. With 500 of my troops in France (I have a Castle in Southern France) that means they have around 1,000 more troops than me.

I have just come out of a war, so my levies are dwindled a little, the black plague is sweeping across Europe and about to reach our shores and these bastards think that because of these factors and that they have 1,000 extra troops than me that I won't plunge my Kingdom into Civil War to beat back these traitorous nobles right before half of my Kingdom is about to die from the plague.
They think I won't do that and just give into their demands and give the council more power when it comes to ruling MY Kingdom. Well, they are sorely mistaken.

I can consolidate my troops far easier than they can because of where my fiefdoms are located (I own 5 provinces around and including Wessex), not accidentally I might add. There's a reason why I decided to take direct control of the provinces surrounding my capital, it makes consolidating my levies extremely quick and easy. These traitorous bastards, on the other hand, some dukes are from Ireland, some are from around England. I can consolidate my troops and strike individual dukes troops before the rebellion can consolidate their troops to strike me. I can also call up my vassals to raise their levies. I only need 1,000 and even though it would be very hard to consolidate all my vassal's troops before the rebellion picks them off I should be able to easily gain 1,000 plus. And those that do get picked off will serve to weaken the rebellious troops.
Plus, at least some are Irish troops. And Irish troops suck.

I will not tolerate any threat to my rule. Plague or no plague.
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12-05-2017, 06:22 AM
RE: What are you playing?
Bowing Popcorn

Ceterum censeo, religionem delendam esse
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15-05-2017, 05:19 AM
RE: What are you playing?
Crusader Kings II is 75% off until tomorrow. Its all Muffs┬┤ fault that im gunna buy it right now. Angry
Damn you!

Ceterum censeo, religionem delendam esse
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15-05-2017, 08:29 AM
RE: What are you playing?
(15-05-2017 05:19 AM)Deesse23 Wrote:  Crusader Kings II is 75% off until tomorrow. Its all Muffs┬┤ fault that im gunna buy it right now. Angry
Damn you!

Lol. Sorry not sorry.
Be prepared for a learning curve though.
It's the Paradox game I'm constantly discovering new ways to play and stuff. Like EU4 and HoI4, I learned the mechanics and that's that. CK2, there's so much variety between different types of characters and there's a lot to the game that I'm constantly finding new ways to do things. Like I could teach someone to play EU4 or HoI4, I could show them the mechanics, doing this means this etc.. but it's a lot harder for CK2. CK2 is also a harder game than EU4 or HoI4. HoI4 or EU4 are far more forgiving than CK2. Like, if you don't secure your line of succession in CK2 you are fucked. Like literally, it's game over if you die without a valid heir.
So primarily you must secure your line of succession. But ontop of that you must ensure that you're not conquered. Learn how to deal with titles so they don't pass from your realm when you or your vassals die. This will be the hardest most confusing thing to learn and will mostly be VERY annoying trial and error play. Maybe look at the wiki, this game does have a very good wiki. This also depends a bit on who you play and that characters succession law. For example, if you play as a Polish minor nation in 749 they have I think it's called gavelkind succession. Basically, your titles are split among your male children. So if you have two duchy titles your heir will get your primary title but his brother will get the other duchy title and because you're both Dukes you both have equal title and so he will become independent because a Duke can't rule a Duke, you must hold a higher title. So to that you say, well I just wont have more children than one. Sure, but what happens when your character is 69 years old (old for this game), your families only heir is childless and than he himself contracts cancer and dies. You're 69 without an heir, with extremely low fertility and are about to die upon which it's game over. So it's risk reward. In that case it's best, IMO, to just have heaps of children and when you die wage war against your brothers to reclaim your titles (you do gain claims on them). But that's just Slavic nations in 749. You still have Catholics (of which there are, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and others), Orthodoxies, Muslims, Hindu's, Nomads, Vikings, Trade Republics, Theocracies, Russians and others. All have that core gameplay but all have different mechanics, especially Trade Republics.

My point is, this game is very fun and rewarding but you do need a lot of patience to learn how to play to a point where you can effectively achieve what you want to achieve (I'm talking like 50 hours). Not to mention, expect to put 5 hours into a game only to have your last line of succession die at 35 from gout resulting in game over.

Also, I don't know how committed you are, but the expansions are worth it IMO, but that's because I put hundreds of hours into this game. The expansions do add a lot of content to the game. IMO get the 5 year anniversary pack. It has pretty much the 4 most important expansions and is still relatively affordable. Play it, learn it, it's gonna take time anyway. Then if you feel that it's the game for you get the rest of the expansions when they come on sale next (they do come on sale fairly often). And if you don't feel it's the game for you, well hopefully you've had your $36NZ worth of fun. It's still a third the cost of a new AAA title anyway.

I'm always nervous when people buy Paradox games after I've posted some screenshots. I don't show a lot of "behind the scenes" so I'm always fearful people will regret. But I mean the last person I got to buy a Paradox game, Free Thought with HoI4, liked it (or at least I assume he did) so...
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15-05-2017, 08:47 AM
RE: What are you playing?
I was really busy and couldn't play, but I am back into BoTW


Ride this guy

[Image: ba28df6b51452468b26154f481b09821]

and explore Hebra area

I still have one Divine Beast to conquer

"If you don't have a seat at the table, you're probably on the menu."

[Image: beb1339cfc76b95693fe0fd59c12ec05.jpg]
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15-05-2017, 08:53 AM
RE: What are you playing?
BoTW looks better and better every time I see something about it.

It bugs me it's on the switch as I'm not buying another console to play it either, as it'd be only really for that game.

I am, however, going to pick up a chipped Wii, which can store Wii/Gamecube games on an external hard drive, so I can play Windwaker/Skyward Sword and Twighlight princess Smile

I'm training for a 10K run, read about it in my blog :
Lost In Pace - A Running Blog
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15-05-2017, 05:34 PM
RE: What are you playing?
PC Monopoly Smile
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17-05-2017, 09:07 PM (This post was last modified: 17-05-2017 09:31 PM by Momsurroundedbyboys.)
RE: What are you playing?
(17-05-2017 05:40 PM)Bearahb Wrote:  I playing online game slot The Hit

Link removed

Fuck off you advertising cunt.
Pedal your cancerous industry somewhere else.
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