What are you really? (What or Who is God?)
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12-11-2012, 03:50 AM
RE: What are you really? (What or Who is God?)
I like the label of atheist. For the more open minded christians and religious people, I am just another human being going through life as best I can. I scare the shit out of the fundies though.
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16-11-2012, 03:20 AM
RE: What are you really? (What or Who is God?)
(10-11-2012 04:57 PM)Dark Light Wrote:  I think you maybe a agnostic pantheist. I have spoke with pagans they have similar concepts. It is not unlike what even some Wiccans and other "witches" believe. From my perspective some of these folks see God as nothing more than a collective consciousness of everything and everyone. Some believe the same thing but do not regard that consciousness as God. Others still are mono-theists and see God as having a feminine and masculine side which most "witches" split in-twain.
Yes, you're probably right. I can certainly agree with the Wiccans that the universe has a polarity. Though they seem to me very simplistic and biology-centric. If electric current has a positive and negative pole, why call it male and female? Only I'd say the natural forces or laws are something special, more than mere energy or matter but something inherently "intelligent", in a sense of great creativity. A few simple laws that combine together in countless ways.

Now, you're aware that I place my bets on Theosophy to provide the framework for what I don't know yet. It says there are several other dimensions, fair enough. It also says these natural forces are related, they divide from each other as rays of light in a prism. And our galaxy is basically a huge caleidoscope of these forces. On the levels of higher dimensions, these forces also impact us emotionally and mentally, thus producing change of cultural forms over centuries and millenia. We respond like grains of sand on a kymatic plate, except we are yet unable to respond perfectly, abandon old forms peacefully and entirely and smoothly express new ones with high fidelity to the original intent. That should get better as we develop.

Theosophists are not afraid to call these natural forces the will of God, together with Logoi, that is, higher beings in charge of galaxies, suns and planets, that receive what they can of these cultural energies and try to inspire their subjects in their sphere of influence to produce an appropriate response, to line up in a particular pattern without too much chaos and distortion. Thus a Logos is like a god, except he evolved to that point from perhaps a human level and will evolve even further. A Logos is like an artist, radiating a local cultural milieu that the advanced minds of humanity are able to pick up (through some interpreters) and express in less or more distorted way as some cultural form, be it an art or a type of a state or economic system.

I of course cannot know if that is the truth, but it sure puts things into perspective. I can empathize with Logos as kind of an imperfect "god" in imperfect world, with Earth as his body of expression, with natural kingdoms that only slowly learn to respond and cooperate together as real organs and limbs in a body would. This is a god I could believe in, if I had to believe. If so, then not only we're here to learn to get along with each other, we're responsible also for the lower kingdoms, for maintaining them and getting them more responsive to a higher (human) interaction. From this can be inferred I am open towards a careful domestification and genetic engineering of animals and plants or even humans, to fix us up some.

If you claim there are nuances to principles, there are no nuances to getting arrested or shot for disobeying the power.
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