Poll: could Obama have done anything better?
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What could have President Obama done to save his re-election?
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26-10-2012, 10:46 AM
RE: What could have President Obama done to save his re-election?
(25-10-2012 07:31 PM)Thomas Wrote:  To interject, Obama is not stupid. He has a massive boat anchor around his neck, the economy.

Yeah, but he was never on the correct policy evolution of the over whelmingly capitalist economy and democratic social values of the culture.

It is obvious, that he favored moving towards a socialist economic structure, but he did not understand what all it would require to run the economy into the state that people would accept that socialism is inevitable and prudent.

And now we are beginning to learn that his motives are selfish. He talks his shit that he now understands Washington is inevitably corrupt, or beyond his ability to correct, but he is not willing to describe the corruption and how to correct it from "outside." Remeber a couple of weeks ago when he admitted that he has learned that Washington cannot be changed from within, and then Romney said he knows how to fix Washington, and Obama asked, "What kind of an inside job is he talking about?"

He may not be stupid, but he sure as fuck isn't about being honest and transparent - so why the fuck would anybody want another four more years of incompetence. With Romney, at least, we know he knows how to reorganize businesses and coporations, which is what the government is. It is a pretty good chance that Obama does not understand the complicated tax system, because he is, at best, a law student political activist with above average personality skills to speak in much the same way as those fucking evangelism preachers, promising a bunch of logical falacies.Bowing

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Theism - ontological doctrine that posits a supernatural entity creates and defines reality
Atheism - political doctrine opposed to theist doctrine in public policy
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