What degree of abuse or threat is acceptable?
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11-04-2012, 03:41 PM
RE: What degree of abuse or threat is acceptable?
(11-04-2012 02:29 PM)Egor Wrote:  
(10-04-2012 09:11 PM)Humakt Wrote:  Seems far from fair to me tbh, Mark strikes me as a hypocrite, Hes been on this kick for a long time, in one breathe deploring bullying and threats and in almost the same breathe asking permission to rub dirt in Eror's face and declaring war on him, not to mention lying to him for sport. Of course I'll defend his right to be as hypocritical as he wants, in the same way Ive defended Eror's right to conduct himself as he has, which having spent several hours reading through his posts is of a higher standard than he's recieved. He's a little close to the knuckle for my taste but he has stuck to his guns and on the whole been civil about it. In return he has been insulted, on the recieving end of a torrent of abuse and Im most sorry to say a startling display of arrogance.

Nobody has to agree with him, bit branding those who disagree with you idiots is plain ignorant. And whereas its demanded the he accept evidence whilst at the same time dismissing out of hand his differing view is at best counter productive and disrespctful. A faith based few of reality, does not have to concede evidence, we all know that to pretend we dont is just willful ignorance, the worst kind of stupid.

Lastly, threatening of the rape of the girl friend and the disrespect of grieving incidents. They have both been totally misrepresented. Eror does not threaten to rape anyone, what he alludes to is the girl friend is a slut who it would be easy to fornicate with, and he specifiacally rules himself out of the fornication he alledges could be easy to obtain out of love and respect for his wife. So thats completely unfounded. Secondly, The grieving individual, was clearly bating, Eror called him on it, everyone had a massive shit fit, he apologised removed his posts only to have his apologies shouted down and his posts reposted. So that everyone could keep kicking on the different guy, even after the baiter all out admits to his baiting nothing changes. Also the baiters, post history is littered with threads and posts that are a literal torent of bigoted abuse. On the whole shameful.

But what the hey, we'll all be dead soon. Just disappoints me, if theres ever gonna be any head way those in opposition have to set a better example to follow - whats the point is swapping one bigotry for another.

I also dont find much compelling in what Eror is selling and at least in there formulation and phrasing his ideas are to my view flawed, but that doesnt matter so much. That doesnt mean I cant or indeed wont try and talk with him so that he can flesh out what he means so that I can perhap better understand what hes driving at and even if I dont agree with any of it it'll probably be interesting. But then thats the way Id talk to anyone.

Anywhoo, now Ive had your say you can all turn your spite on me for while or we could all just chill the fuck out and get on with what we're all purportedly here for and debate some stuff


Thanks, Humakt, for taking an objective look at things before forming your opinion. That's a rare talent these days. By the way, what does the "PAX" mean?
Your most welcome, and sadly yes it is. Pax, latin for peace, as in Pax Romana or roman peace.

Legal Disclaimer: I am right, I reserve the right to be wrong without notice, opinions may change, your statutory rights are not affected, opinions expressed are not my own and are an approximation for the sake of communication.
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11-04-2012, 05:30 PM
RE: What degree of abuse or threat is acceptable?
(10-04-2012 06:32 PM)GirlyMan Wrote:  
(10-04-2012 04:08 AM)Mark Fulton Wrote:  I don't care whether you ban him or not. Seriously. Just let me, and others, rub his face in the dirt when he offends good people. By all means stand up for him if you think I have crossed the line, but don't take it personally if I disagree with you about him. I am in a war with "Egors," and I ain't backing down.

Seems fair enough to me.

I appreciate that I wasn't as traumatized by religion as you, Mark. Went to Lutheran School for 10 years, then I hooked up with Nietzsche and Sartre and it all just fell away like the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause. Guess it's just hard for me to find Egor even credible, I feel like Foghorn Leghorn whenever I read him. But have at him if you find it therapeutic. Keep it free of threats of physical violence and, more importantly, clever and entertaining. Wink

Hi. I hear it that you are more "lay back" about what some religious fundamentalists say to others than I am. That's fine...this is what this post was about.

You do misunderstand me, however. To suggest my comments are a rant because i have been damaged by religion is not only untrue, it devalues what i am saying. I have not personally been traumatised in any significant way by religion. I regret countless hours wasted during my youth in which I was not given the choice as to religious classes or church, but that's the extent of it for me. My argument is against the international, political, social and personal damage inflicted on societies by Christian belief. I want to do my bit to improve our world. My response to Egor was because his comments were offensive to many people, and that served as an example to launch a discussion about when enough is enough.
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