What did we just see?
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19-06-2013, 12:33 PM
RE: What did we just see?
(19-06-2013 10:33 AM)kim Wrote:  Either way, putting a gun (loaded or not) anywhere near a brain case is pretty fucking Neanderthal.

But they didn't even have guns!
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19-06-2013, 04:02 PM
RE: What did we just see?
(19-06-2013 08:27 AM)Carlo_The_Bugsmasher_Driver Wrote:  That ones a Darwin Award for sure, if he dies.

You see, Russian Roulette has to be done with a revolver, NOT AN AUTOMATIC PISTOL!!!

I'd have to examine the handgun used, but here's my guess. When he unholsters the pistol, it appears the magazine is not properly seated in the grip. If it has a live round in it, the cartridge will not be chambered when the slide is racked. When his 'friend' pulls it away from his head the first time, its a misdirection. The magazine is properly seated prior to the second attempt. At this point, the magazine can feed cartridges to the chamber, but the hammer falls on an empty chamber.

When the slide is cycled a second time, then the live round is fed into the chamber. When the trigger is pulled again, the gun goes off.

YES! You got it!

And...if the guy had racked the slide right the first time, a cartridge would have been ejected when he racked the slide a second time, and I figure 8+ people watching would not have missed seeing an ejecting 9mm cartridge (i.e., 5 people that we can see in the video, the camerman and the bride and groom).
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