What do you think of my script?
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16-06-2011, 05:48 AM
RE: What do you think of my script?
MackieDrew: The script is good... You definitely have your own way of categorising theist to atheists. I would suggest you to also make reference to how other define and categorise atheists, especially Richard Dawkins. Make comparisons if neccessary, or not if not.

The lack of theism part reminds me of QualiaSoups's video. Is QualiaSoup in this forum?... Nevermind.

I have not watched your video, but based on this script I can sure guess it would be interesting.

Just if you happen to be interested, this is how I describe my atheism (don't mean to be too advertising-ish... I just thought that it is appropriate). How would you categorise me?

Also, I just started this website called What Lay People Should Know. It's a site on misconception. Once you're done, if you would be interested, I would like to post your script and your video on my site, if you don't mind. It suits well. Btw, read my first post on the site about evolution, do comment.

Good luck!
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