What if...?
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18-03-2010, 12:48 PM
What if...?
If we want to consider the current world tension as a battle between two major theological ways of thought, what would happen if the one side was replaced by Atheists?

When I say 'replaced', what I mean is that all of a sudden, all Christians abandoned their theology and became Atheists. Would the battle still rage on? How would it differ? Would there BE a difference?

I await your thoughts. It is a bit modified from my original post (see the 'controversial issues' thread), but still has the jist of my question.
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18-03-2010, 01:17 PM
RE: What if...?
This is an interesting question. The answer would reply on a whole range of variables. First of all, which side they would replace? From my knowledge, Christianity holds the majority. Then, although there are still many Christian fundamentalists and fanatics, its power was much weakened during the 20th century, while Islam appears to be a stronger belief among its followers. It would also depend on the atheist side, would they be moderate or radical? Also, we must assume that the religious would still remain in the atheist-dominated geographical area, albeit as a minority. What would happen to them? Would they still be allowed to worship their god or would religion be entirely prohibited? (that would depend, of course on atheists being radical/moderate) What would happen to churches/mosques? Would they be demolished or preserved as great feats of art? There are many scenarios I could think of based on these questions. For example, if atheists were radical and banned worship, the other side would perceive it as a threat, and a long and tiresome war with ensue, with several casulties on both sides. If atheists were moderate and accepted worship, the religious might still perceive the rise of atheism as a threat so they just might declare war on it anyway. But let us not forget that it's all basically about access to natural resources so...

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