What if the bible was never canonized?
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11-07-2013, 12:03 PM
What if the bible was never canonized?
I have this though every now and again about how the bible is “finished”. Meaning it’s taken for granted that it’s a completed work with no additional works to be added now or ever in the future. This is an odd concept to me if I am to believe it to be real. Did religious events just stop back then? With many of the minutia of events and stories included in the bible, surely there would have been many more event since that should be relevant to this holy book. Is it really complete? I image most every Christian would agree that the bible is a completed book, that there is no new written record, or spiritual commandment, or historical event that could happened today that would warrant being written down and added into the bible as biblical document. And that old bibles need to be set aside as the new bibles with additional information are sent through the printing press every so many years.

On the surface it may seem logical that a holy book could not be changed, as it is holy. But when you think about it it does seem odd. The bible supposedly spans a few thousand years of history. A chronology of text that was written, then time passed and new documents were added, and more time passed and more events happened followed by new documentation, and then again followed by more new documents. Then 2,000 years ago, poof, done. Nothing new necessary to say or add for thousands of years. …well except for the Mormons who added at least one book…

But here is the thought. What if the bible was never canonized? What if every new text written, or religiously relevant event that was recorded was included in the over-all cannon. The historical events of the Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, Salam witch hunts, Martin Luther’s letter nailed to the door, Galileo accused of heresy, and so one…even events such as September 11. If you recorded all the specific dogmas and doctrines of the Churches of the Catholic Church, Easter Orthodox, Protestant, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Methodist, Presbyterian, Jehovah’s witnesses, Mormons, Quakers…and on and on…and on and on… And then today, brought a council together to combine them into one document; one book. And made that book the official literature for all of Christianity.

Very near and distant future generations would be very confused by the contradictions contained within. All these “biblical” text would seem to have different points of views and directions for people’s lives and how to worship. Recorded events such as the Spanish Inquisition would seem cruel by our standards, but clearly supported as a righteous, holy causes and things we need to rationalize as good works and acts of God. The same as with the Crusades and even Slavery up and through the 19th century.

It would be very difficult to reconcile these contradictions and seemingly differing belief systems, and horrible acts justified within the bible. It would almost seem as though someone forced divers religious dogmas together in a hodgepodge way, and presented it as an unalterable document of truth for the next generations of humanity to bicker over.

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