What is HP Lovecraft's "Dune" or "Lord of the Rings"?
I think his most notable works are the Cthulhu mythos stuff, all of which (that I've read anyway) takes place (supposedly) in the real world. No separate setting like LotR (Middle Earth) or Dune (deep space, not Earth), but right here on earth, happening now in the modern world - or at least modern for the time he wrote them.

I don't believe there is a "Cthulhu universe" unless you simply mean "just like real earth but with Cthulhu" in which case, yes, everything I've read by HPL takes place in that "universe". If he wrote other stuff, I haven't encountered it, which doesn't mean he didn't write other stuff - but I know many Lovecraft fans who never talk about other stuff either, so at least to my limited perspective, it's pretty much Cthulhu or nothing.
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