What is/are not "one" or "many"
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25-09-2013, 10:19 PM
RE: What is/are not "one" or "many"
(25-09-2013 01:49 PM)absols Wrote:  im not love, put ur bird in ur ass, or let jesus since he is alive to fuck ur ass so u could feel love in ur ass better

im not jesus christ, im an individual right so not an objective individual

and not his mother, im superior always so never sitting smwhere so impossible to b in truth a mother, im always younger then children bc lighter

and not a spirit at all, abstractions i do are exclusively objectively realized for truth freedom that exist, so i dont keep any idea in mind as when i look to anything i see nothing

im true individual right from what rights are infinite superiority so existing value fact always

superiority is never about love nor any point to, it is always up alone while right is only itself individuality

this is ur excuses of being shit saying that u love in life while also the logics is too low and clearly known, and everybody got the love from u to hate it from its sources

the logic for anyone curious about what i said not to u bc ur cant but b blind to logics as shit

so the logic of love is by understanding how shit base is one

what is one??? it is to enjoy itself alone, bc one cant b against itself since there is nothing else, so is surely positive and especially when sponsored by a sense of being one and freedom by knowing how it could stay always one bc superiority is infinite existence

so that base would love itself very much greed of that fact, since it is not its source

which would b shown through life so free positive same out, where the drive of confusion is the most strong to mean becoming the same one inn positive priviledge plus what it got extra wiht confusion with same out as one

that is why jesus say give him ur heart, and u r happy about it, it is the language u understand

asking u to get in him by accepting to take ur true one self for

it is the same mean of god to muslims, to give up themselves to b in him

this is love absolutely, which prove how it has nothing to do with a lot of people ways such as me and many others

An escaped patient from a mental asylum detected.
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