What is the response to this...?
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22-01-2013, 02:06 AM
RE: What is the response to this...?
(22-01-2013 12:20 AM)Free Thought Wrote:  
(21-01-2013 02:52 AM)Egor Wrote:  You're infuriated because you want someone to "prove" you wrong, and the person who's supposed to be able to do that has not been able to do it--so you feel betrayed by that, cheated. And, I suppose you're right to feel that way.

But stick around. One of the reasons I started "The Veridican," is so that I could begin the arguments and debates and discussions I've always wanted to start that would give a person such as your self real reason to believe.

In all the time I've been in TTA, I've never been able to do that, because I just get shouted down and everything turns into a big dog fight, or I post and get a thousand views and 150 replies in a day, and I can't possibly keep up much less try to have some clear discussion with someone.

So stay tuned. Shocking Atheism has never seen the likes of me yet, but it's going to.

It's funny that you seem to think that you are a threat to atheism (a stance which has likely existed since the first gods did).

Like a puppy nipping at a persons heels; the annoyance of the nipping is far offset by the amusement that the puppy thinks it's getting something done.

Sorry to all the dog owners out there, I do not mean to offend dogs by equating them with Ego.
Yes, my terrier is a twat, but I found this quite offensive. Angry

Through profound pain comes profound knowledge.
Ridi, Pagliaccio, sul tuo amore infranto! Ridi del duol, che t'avvelena il cor!
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