What is their heaven like?
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31-03-2016, 08:02 PM
RE: What is their heaven like?
Agree with Szuchow--childhood indoctrination is very strong, it's very hard to unravel your thinking from all of that. And it is even harder if you are enjoying the delusion and don't want to leave it.
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31-03-2016, 08:06 PM
RE: What is their heaven like?
(31-03-2016 05:48 PM)PaddyOdoors Wrote:  It's a bit silly really, the idea of an afterlife club that the most horrible human beings can join just for believing, Christians have said to me "how wonderful the godheads forgiveness is" and "how loving is the lord godhead" I would rather burn forever and ever and ever and ever than subscribe to the hateful bigoted closed minded bullshit they teach, It is the year 2016 and we are still putting up with this nonsense?????

Around the time some of the earliest stories in the Bible were written, some ancient cultures believed that if you didn't subscribe to a god or gods, you would wander the earth as a free spirit. Sounds pretty good to me Wink
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