What is your view of humanity and life?
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13-12-2015, 07:58 AM
RE: What is your view of humanity and life?
(30-08-2014 08:56 PM)CiderThinker Wrote:  
(30-08-2014 07:22 PM)diddo97 Wrote:  Are you perhaps experiencing denial? Are you afraid of the truth?

Only truth is that whenever I see your username this is now what happens:

That is where my mind went also.
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13-12-2015, 10:44 AM
RE: What is your view of humanity and life?
For me....

Humanity: The support and concern for all things human and humane.

I see a lot of humans but not so much humane-ness. My take on being a humanist is to help my fellow beings, be that by education of science/nature/history, my volunteerism (volunteer tutor ESL for adults/children), by my feminist activism (volunteer Planned Parenthood), by my political activism (separation of church & state) or by my greenie efforts to keep our planet healthy so we may still live on it.

My humanity is directly tied to my morality. What hurts others, hurts me. I also feel that humanity and kindness is not taught effectively in school and we will have little change in the kindness of our society until we do that better.

As an atheist I see a lot of hate and anger towards non-believers and I see a society that not only struggles with the acceptance of different religions but those religions still manage to come together to despise the non-religious. When people are afraid to be themselves; when being themselves is not illegal, immoral or perverted, because of public disdain, then our society is still rife with ignorance and hatefulness.

No, I may not be murdered, as an atheist, when I walk down the street but I still fear my ability to get a job, feed and care for myself or be shun by my community because of my lack of beliefs. That is not humane. It is, in fact, immoral.

I work towards changing that, not only on a big scale with my activism but on a one on one basis with the people I meet. After I meet someone new and they've had time to get a good read on me and who I am, I make it a point to let them know of my non-belief. I feel it's important for people to see atheists as normal every day people who just happen to not believe in the god they do. One by one I've made a difference. I consider this my way of undemonizing atheists. If they can like/love a middle-aged, fat, cookie baking granny and find she's a non-believer who's still a good person, they have crossed over to a new position on atheists. It works.

The work will never be done but we all know it's not the destination but about the journey that's important. I'm working my journey like a rock star!


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