What kind of a person are you?
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20-10-2011, 07:49 AM
RE: What kind of a person are you?
Oh how fun!

I've looked into what and who I truely am for awhile now. I came to the conclusion that I cannot know myself unless I have other people for I heard a saying once tht went something like "others are a mirror in which you see yourself". I took that to heart and began to pay aattention to others reactions to me.What I discovered is that I must be a fairly monotone and silent person or I can't read peoples emotions very well.

I've come into a new understanding of what I am. I am that selfless person that takes themselves out of the equation to ensure that others remain happy and safe. I am that person you can rely on to help you in a situation. I am he who will take up others problems when they don't concern me out of sheer kindness. I am the one that will adapt to the current situation as to achieve the best results. I am the bringer of justice and protecter of the weak. Yes I am your stereotypical hero type!
Go figure.... I am also very lazy when the task is not important.

Twice the anger, Half the space!
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20-10-2011, 02:04 PM
RE: What kind of a person are you?
Originally I meant this thread to be an exercise in identifying our most characteristic attributes.

As it turned out, several posters used it as an opportunity to paint a more rounded picture of themselves.

I guess it is time form me to own up to my negative side as well.

I am not the most patient person in the world and I do have a temper I find hard to control. I am very emotional, even passionate about a lot of things and I tend to exaggerate, often to make a point, sometime just for effect.

I am pretty self-sufficient but I just love feedback and I do hate to be ignored.

I tend to think a lot about the big picture and often lose interest when it comes to details. Partly due to this, I very seldom finish projects completely – I call myself the 95% man.

Did I miss anything? Oh yes, I love to communicate and get very frustrated when I think I am failing. Partly due to being a very lousy psychologist when it comes to understanding people.

Other than that, I am a pretty decent husband (according to my wife), father and friend. I can be a rock when necessary.

In summary: it is the cool-headed scientist and the hot-headed poet fighting it out in my mind and it is not the scientist that wins every time. Big Grin
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26-10-2011, 08:18 PM
RE: What kind of a person are you?
The majority of my thoughts are practically in depth, but I'm lazy.
I have large aspirations, but again my lack of ever wanting to do anything productive gets the best of me.
I can also be a bit selfish at times, and the guilt trip I'll go on later on down that road pays me the lesson.
Unknowingly, I've been told I can be too honest. But I'm not completely clueless about it. I don't mean to be hurtful to some people, but usually their feelings take my words in consideration negatively.
BUT then again, I admit I can be an asshole sometimes; people confront me like I don't already know this.
On the bright side, when I'm not being an egocentric prick, I like to help people; At times (not always) I put certain people before me, because I feel they need the most help, advice, or attention. Usually in times of need, or without need (just to be there), I think I'm an excellent friend.
My main fascinations derive from religion (one of which I do not have; However, I enjoy learning about multiple religions, and having debates with twats who like to calls little girls Satanists.), the angles of my camera, the never-ending depths of the abyss of my imagination, the endless echoes of music among my ears that motivate my dreams, and everything that's ever sculpted my originality.

Oh, and I like toast.
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