What made you certain that the Bible is a lie?
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03-01-2013, 11:49 PM
RE: What made you certain that the Bible is a lie?
I started doubting when I was in school. I attended a Baptist school k-5. The teacher was talking about mythology, Greek, Roman myths...I don't remember why but later we were talking about Noah and flood (they believed it was very literal -- being the word of god and all) and I remember not questioning the whole flood or the animals or Noah's age....it was the end of the story and the bit about the rainbow that got me. God's promise that he'd never destroy the earth again by flood.

I suddenly made the connection to mythology. Jonah and the big fish (whale) all those stories about Abraham and Issac, Sampson, Moses were all mythological characters....no less important than Zeus. There were people in that church that truly believed that men must have ONE less rib than women.

But the New Testament...well that must be true? Um..no more onion peeling....the whole thing surrounding jesus' life was nothing more than a game of chinese whispers at best -- at worst, it was all made up. Outside the bible there's not a whole lot about jesus. There isn't a lot of corroborating evidence that isn't based on seeing a vision (which hardly amounts to anything).

So, had the Noah story stopped just before the whole crap about the rainbow -- I might still be a believer today.

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