What percentage of these, from creation.com, are true? Age of Earth.
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05-10-2013, 12:23 PM
RE: What percentage of these, from creation.com, are true? Age of Earth.
I understand, Chas. I'll leave the science debates up to others.

So, as per my situation, I have no choice but to bow out and let the creationist "win the debate". I still must wonder why the same inputs gain such a wide margin of "interpretations"? For example, the "flat-gaps". He believes this proves his "global flood" myth, . . . but if the geology holds the same evidence, how could anyone who is interested in facts not [all] come to the same conclusion? Are these still mere guesses, regardless of which worldview you happen to have, or can these things [like the "flat-gaps"] be know without question. . . . and IF so, why wouldn't the other side of the debate not come to the same conclusions by default?

Thanks all for the comments.
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