What're some great teachers you guys have/remember?
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10-05-2017, 08:12 AM
RE: What're some great teachers you guys have/remember?
A lot of them really; it makes me quite unpopular on a pretty conservative Catholic dating site that I don't loathe public schools, but most of my experiences in them were wonderful. However a few stand out:

My 12th grade Political Science teacher never had kids of his own and basically his students were the closest thing he had. He treated us with more respect and kindness than anyone else in the school, but also was fair, firm, and consistent. He also loved the topic and could recite pretty much any part of the Constitution or its Amendments from memory. He also made the class fun and interesting. His tests though were brutal. We had a girl drop him because she got a B and became Salutatorian. He also apparently kept asking my parents how I was doing when he saw them, until he passed away. I'm actually glad he didn't have to see Trump, because it would've broken his heart. As a funny aside, I walked into my Political Science 101 as a Freshman in college, thinking after his class, it would have to be easier...turned out he was the adjunct teaching it. Tongue

In 10th grade, we had a computer teacher who wanted us to really get the networking things we were doing and made himself available for after school help if we needed it. He never raised his voice, and was really good at explaining things. Plus he helped some middle school's model rocket club, so one day, we ended up doing some rocket launches behind the school with the middle schoolers as a part of our class period. I learned a lot in his class.

Though math was usually my weak area, 10th grade math teacher. She was kind, funny, helped explain concepts to anyone who didn't get them at first, and she was brilliant. I do mean brilliant; none of us knew why she didn't do a better paying job with her mathematical skills elsewhere, except that she liked teaching. One time she had just started a proof that ended up taking three whiteboards full of space (and not in terribly large print either) when the office called about a student, and while carrying on this full conversation with the administrators over the phone, she just kept going until all the boards were filled. Once she was off the phone she apologized, and started to walk us through it, patiently answering questions as she went.

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10-05-2017, 12:21 PM (This post was last modified: 10-05-2017 12:29 PM by yakherder.)
RE: What're some great teachers you guys have/remember?
There was a health and PE teacher (also former US Navy and college basketball star) in Gig Harbor, Washington named Dave Benedict who is pretty much legendary. He died of cancer last year and I don't think there was a student who ever when to the school while he was there who didn't remember him as one of the most unique teachers they ever had. The guy didn't even have desks in the classroom. He'd thrown them out and replaced them with sofas along the perimeter to encourage friendly debates. The opposite of your stereotypical stand up there and lecture style teacher. And he was so ridiculously funny, the random stories he'd tell from the Navy or his childhood.

I swear they should make a movie about him.

The comments at the end pretty much cover it.

'Murican Canadian
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