What's A Bible For, Anyway?
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04-11-2014, 02:57 PM
RE: What's A Bible For, Anyway?
(31-10-2014 03:03 PM)TheInquisition Wrote:  I really didn't find the bible that useful as a Christian, to apply it to your daily life required you to interpret it, why read, interpret and choose a course of action based on that interpretation?
Just decide a course of action without the superfluous religious nonsense, but that's when we get into a person's ego, how they can proclaim that they know what god said about something and derive some sort of authority from that.
The problem I encountered when I was still a believer was that no one really knew anything better than I did in terms of going about solving problems in life, they only asserted that their way was direct from god.
It was interesting as I sat and watched many of these woo peddlers make "god based" decisions and fail miserably. I knew what kind of deceptive game they were playing and when they failed, it proved they were full of it.

Ah, but I find it's the opposite. It's not 1) I have a decision to make so I'll search the scriptures to inform the decision but rather 2) study the Bible proactively to enhance thinking and wisdom. To be specific with an example:

A man says he's thinking of ending a relationship with a woman, it's been chaste so far on a physical level, but he doesn't want to break her heart. My counsel from the Bible from memory might include:

*We love our neighbor as ourselves and apply the golden rule, if there must be a breakup what word choices and communication style would he want to receive? That should guide his gracious manner in chatting with her.

*Is he sure he's making a sound decision. The Bible says a wise man has many counselors. Is he sure he has enough input from others he's making a wise decision?

*Does he want to delay the decision, not overlong but enough to see if this is what he/they really want, for the Bible reminds us that the heart is fickle.

*What is the issue? Love is more than chemistry and attraction. Is it that infatuation has waned but she is a good person? That would be reason to think about an enduring relationship and not terminating the relationship, etc.

Etc. We might even sum these as the Bible-man is gracious, considerate, thoughtful, un-impulsive, wise.

I'm told atheists on forums like TTA are bitter and angry. If you are not, your posts to me will be respectful, insightful and thoughtful. Prove me wrong by your adherence to decent behavior.
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