What's it all about?
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10-08-2017, 05:27 PM
RE: What's it all about?
(09-08-2017 05:08 AM)gazzaboi6 Wrote:  I am new to this site - my name is Gareht - i am struggling on the one hand with belief and on the other hand disbelief. i want to let go but all the brainwashing and fear that was pumped into me through my life makes me feel guilt and shame for letting go. i probably sound stupid and need to wise up

Greetings and welcome aboard!

As to "what's it all about?" I think you need to be more specific.

Struggling with belief and disbelief is very common, as is feeling guilt and shame for doing so.

You don't sound stupid, rather you sound like many others who have deconverted from a religion.

Certainty is nice and convenient. It's very easy to say "Do this because god said so". There is no thinking involved, no work and, supposedly, no risk of failure.

Thinking about answers means that you have to work at it. You have to put time and energy into the process. If the question is complicated, you may need to educate yourself, which requires more time and effort. Then, after all the work and effort and time, you still may find yourself in the wrong.

But in reality, the certainty of religion is a lie. Faith, no matter how strong, is not certainty. There is no certainty in life. Saying "god did it" or "god said so" is taking the easy way out and in the the real world, the easy way is often the wrong way.

The only answers that are worth having, the only rewards that are truly valuable, are the ones that you work for, the ones that you earn.

Help for the living. Hope for the dead. ~ R.G. Ingersoll

Freedom offers opportunity. Opportunity confers responsibility. Responsibility to use the freedom we enjoy wisely, honestly and humanely. ~ Noam Chomsky
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