Poll: What type of music listener are you?
I listen to my favorite songs over and over, on repeat.
I like endless variety in my playlists.
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What type of music listener are you?
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27-02-2017, 06:25 AM
RE: What type of music listener are you?
(27-02-2017 02:32 AM)Thumpalumpacus Wrote:  My favorite era of theirs was when the creative tension between the two pushed each on to greater heights -- DSotM, WYWH, and Animals (which is my favorite Floyd album, by far).

Before Gilmour became a real presence, to me the band was very murky and at times silly. After Waters seized control, they were to my mind too gloomy to be enjoyable. And without either, I found them rather insipid.

I agree. Tension between members (no matter the band) usually yields the best music. I usually point toward Wish You Were Here, Dark Side of the Moon, and The Wall as my favorite since they came out during my formative years and was the inspiration for my future love of music and guitar. Momentary Lapse of Reason came out the year I went off to college so yeah... that was a pretty big album to me. Unfortunately I never got to see Pink Floyd or David Gilmour live in concert. One of the few bands that I haven't seen that I wanted to see. Gilmour toured last year but only four cities in North America and I was too late to snag tickets for any date. I figure that is probably one of the last chances I'll ever have of actually seeing him play live. I really wanted my daughter to experience his music live as that is what she has grown up listening to since she was born and now plays on guitar. Sometimes life just doesn't line up though.

So... we get to take her to Bruno Mars this October for her first real concert. Which is fine. Her taste in music is much like mine. All over the place. And if I'm honest I actually like Bruno Mars so it should be fun.

I get to decide what my life looks like, not the other way around.
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27-02-2017, 10:02 AM
RE: What type of music listener are you?
I had tix for MLoR -- I bought two, one for myself, one for my ride (concert was in Inglewood, 60 miles away).

The night before the show, my ride gets arrested for heroin possession.

I was pretty much safety-pinned in the "pissed-off" position.
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