What was your 1st computer and the games you played.
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06-04-2012, 02:47 PM
What was your 1st computer and the games you played.
The first computer I had was a Commodore 64. I got turned onto it by a friend I played D&D with in the military. I remember the first game I had was a chess game, that I had to program it in, in dos mode. I never was any good at it, but I loved the idea of having a computer and having something I could do to resemble having a life, somewhere.

This was in Ft. Carson, Co and when I went over to Germany I was blown away by a new computer from Commodore called The Amiga 500.

This was my first experience with the use of Icons you could click and it was like night and day over my 64. Thank Griffin, they had a program that allowed you to buy electronic equipment on time. I hated leaving eye brow prints on the screens of those I looked at in the commissary.

It wasn't a week, before I had one setting in my room and was working on my gaming library. The games I really liked were the Proving ground of the Mad Overlord, Bards Tale and several others that were RPG. Then out came the Dungeons and Dragons games and I was in love.

I was also into simulators, especially the ones from Microprose. I had the stealth fighter and the one for submarines. There was also a tank simulator and I loved Pirates, when it came out.

Sadly, I never went back to the chess game, but I remember the cassette it was on made a fairly convincing Frisbee as it headed out of my car, towards that speed limit sign. lol
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