What was your 1st computer and the games you played.
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01-05-2012, 12:31 AM
RE: What was your 1st computer and the games you played.
Pong, of course -it was ok... but I took it apart to see how it worked and that was really fun. I had another Atari for word processing and it had some games I played just to see how they worked.

I had several small computers - I even remember this tiny Timex thing that ran with a cassette - piece of crap. I had a couple with cassettes.

I finally put together a franken-computer from a Tandy, a Commodore 64, and parts of something else I don't recall (Acer, maybe?), so I could play these bootleg games I got from a cousin, and so I could get on message boards. I loved message boards; good times. Wink

Anyway, I got one game which I felt was going to revolutionize the entire computer world - or at least gaming. Keep in mind, the only graphics were dot matrix and programed in dos... there was a black screen and the outline of an "object" was in white dots. This game was called Fractalus(sp?), and though I didn't really get into games, I decided it was the future of computing and computer graphics. I spent hours figuring out how to program it. One had to imagine the dimensional qualities because because all that was really visible were dotted lines running across the screen, meant to be ridges of an alien landscape. I wasn't much to look at, but how it was programed - it was very different from all the rest - it allowed for multi-dimensional interaction. Dang, I loved that shitty game.

Apple was happening big time. I couldn't afford one but by mid 80s, I did have access to a Power Computer; the workhorse of Macintosh knockoffs. Years went by and I went between Power Computer/Mac and IBM machines. Finally, late 80s/early 90, I was able to find a used hulk of a Mac which I boosted up and up for several years.

Myst was the first real computer game with actual graphics I didn't have to imagine; they were right there, in color, and it was interactive -sort of- no people. In essence, Myst is basically programed much like Fractalus was. I played Myst for a few months until I completed the game a couple of ways. I got bored and really haven't gotten into a game since. Even though I own Myst's sequel, Riven... I've never played it. I guess I just had to get all that game stuff out of my system.

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