What was your tipping point?
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20-11-2014, 05:00 PM
RE: What was your tipping point?
I agree that Newtown would've been a last straw thing for me had I not already been suspicious of fuckery. I have a 4 and 7 year old... the thought of some God allowing atrocities like that to occur just wouldn't sit well with me. I certainly wouldn't want to be on his team no matter how mysterious he is. Fuck you! (not you but you know)

I think for me it was when I noticed all the suffering not just in the world but in the apartment complex I lived in at the time. Poverty is an ugly thing. Not just because people can't find food or new clothes but the effect it has on a community. Theivery, drugs, violence, abuse, misery, etc. etc., stuff no God should ever create intentionally regardless of what little game he feels he needs to play. That probably kept me at bay to a large degree. Then the more I learned about geology, cosmology, history, etc., things didn't add up. It started to seemingly be convienent that these poor souls were pouring everything that had into their religion keeping their mind off the big picture. I was very interested in the differences between what science claimed and what religion claimed because there were obviously stark differences. And finally discovering that there are over 300+ different religions in the world drove a final nail in the coffin. I remember having that aha moment when I realized if my mother had decided to move to another region in the world I might be wrestling with the idea of becoming a Mormon or a Muslim or a Hinduist or a Buddhist... you get the point.
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