What were you taught about wars in your classrooms? Bias for your country.
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31-12-2011, 01:58 AM
RE: What were you taught about wars in your classrooms? Bias for your country.
(06-12-2011 10:24 PM)Buddy Christ Wrote:  So here's basically what I was taught about the different wars as a child in an American classroom.

World War 2

-Germany was spreading uncontrollably across the world, a great evil unstoppable force. Then America, the sleeping giant, was awoken by Japan's biggest mistake, an attack on Pearl Harbor. So then America pushed Britain out of the way (they weren't doing anything anyways) and raided the beaches of Northern France and dropped the atomic bombs on Japan, swiftly defeating both countries and ending the war that no one else could stop. America is the hero of the world.

-Seriously. I didn't even know about Stalingrad or Russia's stand until I saw Enemy at the Gates when I was like 20. And there was no rational discussion about what might have caused the war (like the Treaty of Versailles), it was just "Nazis were the embodiment of pure evil and America the Pure stopped them."


-America pulled out of its own accord due to activists protesting at home. We didn't lose (America has never lost a war, to think otherwise is crazy and unpatriotic), we allowed the Vietcong to reclaim the land that we had clearly conquered because we realized the error of our ways and wanted to make amends.

Revolutionary War

-I was drinking in Scotland one day and got into a heated debate with a British guy about the Revolutionary War. Apparently his contention was that Britain won the war but allowed us Americans to separate from Britain because of the strain of maintaining things over such a great distance. He claimed that Canada was the part of America that we had already lost before Britain allowed us to keep the rest. I had never even considered once that we lost the war. What are they teaching you over there in Britain?

Civil War

-I'm just curious as to what they teach any of you in the South about the Civil War. The North accepts that the primary reason the south seceded was because Lincoln was about to abolish slavery, effectively bankrupting the cotton plantations; the driving force for the southern economies. Were any of you taught differently?

What were you taught in your country that you know to be one-sided bullsh!t?

pretty much the same thing... most of my schooling on history was mid to late 80's... grat class of 92'

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31-12-2011, 03:04 PM
RE: What were you taught about wars in your classrooms? Bias for your country.
Since someone mentioned how most of the replies were from Americans, I thought I'd say what a British kid is taught about history.

That the South was full of racists and the north was full of people who thought everyone was equal (except Lincoln, ironically) and they had a war to end slavery. That was about it...

That it was caused by the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, son of the ruler of Austria-Hungary and how alliances soon dragged everyone into the war. We were also taught that Britain and France only just won, and that Germany very nearly won. The Treaty of Versailles was unfair, and that the British PM helped stop the French making it even tougher on Germany. Also, the colonies were very important in helping defeat Germany.

That it bankrupted the British Empire and caused places like Australia to dislike Britain after they weren't defended. War was only won when America joined and the Russians began to defeat the Germans. Hitler worst human ever and British and Americans the heroes - France surrendered too easily and the Russians were worse war criminals than the Germans in the long run. Caused the end of the British Empire.

That Britain couldn't fight so far away from home while fighting France, Americans also needed help from France and Spain in order to win - although America lost most of the battles. Also, that George Washington had helped expand the colony in the first place, and that he used bribery more than battles to get rid of British troops (many were employed by Britain from abroad and were given land by the Americans that the Americans didn't actually own).

This is my first post - couldn't resist replying - and sorry if it is a bit long.
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01-01-2012, 05:02 PM (This post was last modified: 01-01-2012 05:11 PM by Kotten.)
RE: What were you taught about wars in your classrooms? Bias for your country.
Swedish history class:

American Revolutionary War
It went under the same lectures as the other revolutions/uprisings in the European colonies around the world. ARW was discussed briefly. The development of parliamentarism, communication, democratic ideals and philosophical thought in France and Britain were considered far more important.

American civil war
The ACW was considered rather irrelevant, so it was summarized: Abraham Lincoln was elected President and the Southern states were like "fuck this, we're out", so the north went down, gave a few trout slaps and got the South back into the Union. After the war "these United States" began being called "the United States" as the states' rights were lessened and the federal government expanded.

First & Second World War
We dedicated a lot of time to this, at least 1 year each, however most of our lectures were on the European theatre .

Cold War
Pissing contest between the US and the Soviet Union through numerous proxy wars, in which both parties were willing to take the world to the brink of complete destruction and even willing to betray their own ideals to gain an upper hand over the other party; the Soviet Union willingly oppressed its own lower class and dissenters were sent Gulags to gain political stability, while the US willingly embraced oppressive totalitarian rulers as its' allies and toppled democratic governments if analysts saw any economic or political gain from it.

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01-01-2012, 11:46 PM
RE: What were you taught about wars in your classrooms? Bias for your country.
I'm pretty damn certain that we have no Japanese forum members. That's a shame, because I'd love to hear an explanation of Japan losing WW2. To us atheists, it makes perfect sense - we had a devastating new bomb that clearly made us a strong military power. But to a believer in Shinto - the Japanese national religion which sees the Japanese emperor as a God - it doesn't make sense. How do they explain their God losing a war?

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02-01-2012, 08:58 AM
RE: What were you taught about wars in your classrooms? Bias for your country.
in egypt were taught about these following wars:

1. Hyksos invasion (old kingsom), The brave egyptians stood against the might of the semetic/asian shephard kings and drove them out of occupation.

2. Akhnaten, the brave and wise founder of the monotheistic worship of the sun god Aten, although he was misguided he was able to drive out
the evil polytheism for a short while.

3. Helenic Egypt, Alexander the great was one of the best things that happened to egypt, he was even declared by the priests to be the son of an egyptian god (as was tradition with all kings and queens in ancient egypt), Alaxandria was named after him and became the capital and cultural/trade hub of egypt.

4. The filthy romans Came and conquered egypt for their own evil needs and didnt give egyptians their freedom

5. Biblical/Quranic Account of moses and the exodus (in history class yes)

6. The true christians that followed Allah's prophet Jesus ruled over egypt (egyptian coptic church)

7. Islam was welcomed in egypt when it was brought with the apostles of muhammed, it was peaceful and everyone was happy
even the christians and jews.

8. how Egypt fought bravely against the crusaders and smashed them under the command of sallah din, after their defeat he allowed them to return to their lands if they surrendered peacefully

----From here on i dont remember much as its the beggining of the year i discovered how to masturbate----
9. The Mongolians invaded im a bit fuzzy on the details
10. reconquoring by the ottomans
11. french invastion
12. reconquoring by the ottomans
13. the british invaded ottomans became puppets.
14. the brave egyptian millitary coup against the english and the ottomans, egypt independant state.
15. the filthy jews,americans and british invaded sinai, egyptian land, wanting to giv it to the isrealites.
16. The egyptians finally pushed back isreal and reclaimed our land.

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