What would Jesus do?
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11-04-2012, 07:23 PM
What would Jesus do?
Upon having a discussion about why I donate my money to Africa more than I do here, a coworker tells me USA's children should take priority.

I said, "why are children here priority over children there?"

She responded with, "Because, we need to take care of our people first."

(She knows that I am an atheist by the way)

I said, "Well, what would Jesus do?"

She, blankly pauses with a confused stare. Her face quickly resembles anger, and then she yells at me, "YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SAY THAT!" Then she gathers her things and storms off.

So, that's my story for today. Apparently we cannot ask "What would Jesus do?"

"We Humans are capable of greatness." -Carl Sagan
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