What would it take?
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04-11-2013, 12:08 PM
RE: What would it take?
(01-11-2013 02:58 PM)MustangManda Wrote:  That is an incredibly dickish move, probably went over poorly enough that they figured they shouldn't do it again lest they get sued... but I probably would have been right there in your shoes, doubting every word, all the more annoyed that I was surrounded by gullible morons and assholes who think it's funny to freak people out. I only made it through 1 semester AF ROTC for this very reason, I hate being surrounded by people who are taught not to think for themselves (unfortunately I still am somewhat, DoD), are you out of that bullshit now?

I'm a logistician too, so I know just what you mean about infantry being useless without us. Smile

Not sure what it would take for me to get pranked, a believable story is about it, and since I'm such a skeptic not much is believable that's worth pranking someone over, I'd still like to see someone try.

I'm out now. Spent 2009 in Iraqistan in my job as a Topographic Analyst (glorified map maker), and in June 2012, I was officially done with my primary contract. There's another part called "IRR" or Inactive Ready Reserve and I have another seven months in that. I'm not really "in," but if they wanted to call me back to duty they could. But then, I could always just take the letter they send for that and throw it away and act like it never arrived, which is what something like 90% of IRRs do.

My time in the military really helped me turn my life around, which was a dead-end train-wreck when I joined, but I have little tolerance for the methodologies of the military or the attitudes of the people therein. It's dominated by people who joined right out of High School, and unfortunately, it often seemed to me that they never matured beyond that kind of thinking because they did not live in the "real world" before joining. This is why I think military service minimum age should be changed to 21 instead of 18. Luckily my unit got to Iraq at a time and place when nothing was going on, because in my view, it was powerfully inadequate and unprofessional. They cared more about being physically fit and image than doing a good job.

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