What would've happened?
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28-04-2014, 05:42 PM
What would've happened?
So, Hideyoshi's only flaw in Japan's invasion of Korea was that Japan didn't actually have any naval experience, besides the pirates he killed, though he'd proven that the samurai could handle themselves.

[Image: samurai_by_aditya777-d4zfmpx.jpg]

(Actual Photo)

And Korea couldn't, surprisingly handle themselves militarily.

[Image: 4358456361_b243a3543c.jpg]


So the only hope for Korea was Yi Sun Sin, possibly the greatest admiral of that era.

So what if Yi Sun Sin died from the arquebus shot he suffered in Noryang?

Japan would've taken Korea, easily. But what then? Do you think they'd hold on to it? What about Hideyoshi's dream of the conquest of Great Ming? If he took China, how do you think things would've been different?
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