When is a good time Nikki? OP/ED
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20-06-2015, 08:18 AM
When is a good time Nikki? OP/ED
As Obama rightfully stated, and many media outlets have reported rightfully, such as HUFFPO......


I want to know when the right time is? The truth of your argument isn't about human lives Nikki, the truth of "now is not the right time" is about protecting another big business from criticism regardless of the conditions that business creates or the harm it causes to society.

It is no different than climate change denial despite the majority of scientists agreeing, solely to protect the fossil fuel industry. It is the same feet dragging car companies in their throwing fits about Nader saying your products are unsafe.

This is NOT about rights. This is about the makers and the NRA using a climate of fear to keep and maintain their market and profits. They use fear to pit voters against each other. They use fear to pit classes and races against each other. They use fear to pit both blacks and whites against cops, and also create conditions for cops to fear society.

Even if there were no mass shootings, the amount of gun death outside that would still be unacceptable. Gun death from legally purchased guns and illegal guns. There is an unhealthy worship of an object, guns, in the same way others rightfully condemn violence in reaction to any criticism of Islam or the Koran. Humans have rights, objects do not. Liberals own guns too, the difference is those who do accept there is a problem and are willing to be pragmatic about changing they system to reduce all types of gun deaths.

Please tell us Nikki, when is the right time? When the next women is murdered with a legally purchased gun? When a mentally ill person like the Va Tech shooter, who had no criminal record, legally purchased a gun? When the Newton mother legally had guns around a child with a mental condition? Or when a girl shoots and kills her instructor with an uzi? Please tell us when the right time is, because all I really see is you protecting big business.

No more Nikki, no more. It is not fascism to say a problem exists and seeking to change it. For things to change, our attitude towards guns needs to change, not to outlaw or ban all guns, but to stop worshiping them as if they were living and not objects. The problem is a flooded market. The problem is YOU protecting business and putting profits over human lives. When is the right time Nikki? Long ago because it has long since been way past the right time.

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