When they say "I'll pray for you".
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21-04-2012, 10:05 AM (This post was last modified: 21-04-2012 10:11 AM by Bucky Ball.)
RE: When they say "I'll pray for you".
KC said : "Exactly how is this any different than "I'll pray for you"? Words are relative. They are relative to the meanings that they hold to the recipient. Since the recipient is a Christian, the words hold power in comfort that others are remembering them in prayer to their God - whom they believe in omnipotent.

You present comfort to others in a form that they will get the most from it. While a kind word or a inspired passage may be helpful to you, it might not have the same effect on others. "

Totally right on the mark. Bangin

Ya need to keep your trusty ceral box "religion translator ring" with you at all times. What "I'll pray for you", means, (translated) is : The best in me, (the "ground of my being") has empathy for you and your situation. It's an expression of common humanity, and common ground. (But the need for action and help is not addressed by the expression). People "say" that (a). as the expression of empathy, (sincerely), and (b.) maybe some do it to "sound' like are actually DOING something, (which is a cop out).

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